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Kotkaklubi, the Estonian Eagle Club began in 1999. It's purpose is to bring together friends dedicated to the protection, research and introduction of black storks and eagles. The goal of the Eagle Club is that eagles and black storks will remain in the Estonian landscape in the future as well.

We are raising funds for the Estonain Eagle Club (Kotkaklubi), for their use as any situation requires. Kotkaklubi has many demands on its finances; for example buying new equipment or spare parts. Such equipment could be cameras and connection equipment, or climbing gear. Maybe another transmitter. Buying fuel for vehicles used in travel to nest sites or feeding areas. Nothing is free except our willingness to help!

This particular page is being set up as a direct result of a rescue mission carried out by Urmas Sellis of Kotkaklubi. Two days ago he didn't know that he would have to pay to refuel a vehicle in order to travel from South Estonia to North. The rescue of some Black Stork chicks whose nest had been abandoned by an adult bird suddenly became essential. A drive of two hours from south to North, then driving to Tartu to hand the chicks over to Dr. Vet. Madis Leivits for immediate care and future assessment. Then Urmas had to continue his journey further south to reach his home. With the current price of fuel, how much did that rescue mission cost? It is for these occasions, which arise unpredictably, that we want to contribute to Kotkaklubi's funds, to be sure they can continue their very necessary work.

It is essential that Eagle Club members are always able to respond to these urgent and immediate situations. That is why many of us have expressed a wish to contribute to their funds.

Read about this particular rescue on the Looduskalender Forum.


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