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Education for 3 members of an Indian family near Bodhgaya (India)

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Créée par Judit and Jona

pour Judit Puig and Jona Helmert


Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

We are Judit and Jona and we are raising funds to support an Indian family that we consider like our own one, to finance 7 years school for Aruni, a 10-year-old girl, and Rajni's (19) and Tanuja's (17) university.


We met Dinu when we volunteered nearby his town last January and we were always welcome at his house for dinner or for a tea. We were always very happy to see his lovely niece and his nephews and to play with them. They have a very modest live. Dinu lives with his parents, 3 sisters, brother-in-law, 2 nephews and one niece. The men are the ones that work outside from home and earn the money. They rely on the high season to earn as much money as possible, to have enough during the lower season. Women look after the house and the kids. 

Eventhough they have enough to live, it is a struggle to pay for a proper education for the kids and for the youngest sisters that just started university.


We believe that now is our time to help them. Aruni is 10 years old, she's very intelligent and a very extrovert kid. She attends a public school and receives a standard education and very basic English classes. She has a very high potential and she deserves a better school. Bare in mind that schools in India go from very basic, to acceptable or if you can afford it, you can pay for a private school where you will receive a very good education. It is a shame that public education hasn't good standards, and this is why Aruni's family would like her to go to a semi private school (which is just 88€/year).


Rajni (19) and Tanuja (17) are also very intelligent, caring and very curious women that have big dreams for their future. They refused to marry in a young age and instead go to university. To receive a good education in India means that you will have higher chances to get a better job in the future and that you will be able to become an educated and an independent woman.

They both are very engaged within their community, where they teach women about different topics. As we mentioned above, education leaves ignorance behind and empower women to have the courage to try to change a bit the dynamics of their society. 


In 2020 we are trying to summon up money for at least one year of education for all the three:


  • 7 years school education for Aruni = 614€

Monthly tuition fee Rs 600 (7,3€) = 88€/year


  • 3 years university for Tanuja and Rajni = 3.105€

Admission Rs 3300 (40€)

Registration fee (first year) Rs 2000 (24€)

Form fee Rs 2500 (30,5€)

Books + material Rs 4500 (55€)

Monthly transportation fee Rs 1600 (20€) or 240€/year

Montly tuition class fee Rs 1000 (12€) or 144€/year

Per person/3 years: 509,5€/year and 533,5€ first year = 1.552,5€


First year: 1155€


Wetruely believe that this wonderful people deserve a better future and there is no better way of granting this than getting a proper education. Do you help us?


We trust Leetchi as it is a transparent platform and the entire amount will be transfered to the purpose mentioned above.


Dinu and his family can't thank you enough for this.


Thank you very much :)



Judit and Jona