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JEMIMA - A South Sudanese movie

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Créée par Emma Taton

pour Street Beats Foundation


Hello everyone & welcome to JEMIMA movie money pot!

Help us gathering the 1,000 USD needed to fund the Première of "JEMIMA": a movie directed by a collective of talented South Sudanese artists wishing to raise awareness on gender-based again violence and the precarious situation of Women street workers in South Sudan.

Street Beats Foundation was formed in 2016 as a Music group in South Sudan that aimed at passing vital messages and inspirations to promote Health, Education, Peace, Unity, Culture, and Creative Art and to mentor youths as instruments of good example to the nation of South Sudan and to act as voice to the voiceless. Street Beats Foundation is now registered as a Non-governmental organization as of 2019 and has already worked on several public campaigns, including short films on African music and culture and health prevention campaigns.

In 2022, Street Beats Foundation is back with a new film project telling the story of Jemima, a South Sudanese woman forced to abandon her studies following the death of her father. Jemima quickly becomes one of the many victims of violence to which women are exposed in Southern Sudan. This film is the story of her combat.

Here you can watch JEMIMA Trailer:

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Many thanks and see you soon on screens!