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Dear IBPG members,

As we strongly believe in deliberate practice, we decided to offer online sessions during the lockdown. We have been truly blessed with more and more colleagues joining our practice group from all over the world and becoming new friends. Thank you!

As you all know, IBPG is not an association of any kind from a legal point of view, we are just a group of colleagues and dear friends who volunteer to set up regular practice sessions for all conference interpreters.

In the previous years we have applied a membership fee of 15EUR/year for our onsite sessions, to cover the basic expenses (mike, website, etc.).

This year, we would like to ask for a donation in order to allow us to cover the Zoom subscription.

We would also like to revamp our website and add a couple of extra plug-ins which could make the registration process easier..!If you wish to help us, we would be very grateful!

Since we launched our online sessions, we had the pleasure to welcome members from all over the world. We understand that in certain markets this fee might have a bigger impact on your annual expenses, therefore, please feel free to make even a small donation.

Thank you, and see you at practice!

The IBPG Teamheart