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Hi there, to whoever is reading this. My name is Rammah Alashkar I’m a 23-year-old Arab gay boy from Syria, who is currently in French Guiana and in the need of much help, Here is my story so that maybe you could understand where I’m coming from and how maybe you could eventually help me.Everything started in my homeland Syria. Maybe everyone already knows about the situation that's going on there currently, but if not I’ll tell you. Syria has been in a very violent and severe war for almost 9 years now. In 2017 I had to flee my country and leave my entire life behind so that I didn't get drafted in the army to give my service (which basically meant to go and die). I came to Venezuela, a country where the entire culture was different and I barely knew anyone. I was so devastated as I left home, my friends and my life in Syria behind and sadly enough for me things didn't go better. I’m grateful that I could flee and survive don't get me wrong, but Venezuela had been also having their own issues with economy, politics and also safety, there I had to stay for two years in one room on the building of a couple of relatives. This room had a broken ac, a non-working fridge, and a very old broken bed. This wasn't enough to get me fully down tho, as I said I stayed two years there, what was really crushing me was the disconnect from culture, other humans and from myself. I started to get really depressed because I was being discriminated for acting differently and yelled at for not “trying” enough to invest myself in this new life of mine. But this felt like no life for me, each second of every day I felt unhappy. I had to leave.Thankfully enough my parents helped me out with some money to go to French Guiana cause there they were accepting people who fled from Venezuela. The problem was that the place where I was supposed to arrive in French Guiana belonged to my homophobic uncle, with whom I already had had problems. This wasn't the first time that I was discriminated from my relatives because of my sexuality, it happened a lot to in the place where I stayed at in Venezuela, I hadn't been out but people and especially my relatives would give me dirty looks and discriminate me because of my sexuality and for how I was. Therefore I couldn't get to that point again. That's why when I got here to French Guiana I immediately asked for refuge in an LGBTQ+ Center. Things seemed to be having a turning point for me or at least that's what I thought.Now to the present day. I had plans of starting over, getting a job, learn french and leave for France as soon as possible. But finding a job here was very difficult for me not only because I didn't know the language but because people were discriminating against me yet again, and this time it wasn’t only caused by my sexuality but because of my race. And when I finally started school the pandemic happened, I couldn't finish my studies cause I’m quarantined, therefore I couldn't get a job, which led me to not being able to leave for France.I’m very depressed at the moment, it seems like the odds are always against me and I can never get it right. But I’m not giving up yet and to do so I need ur help. You see the LGBTQ+ Center only offers their refugees a place to stay for a certain amount of months, me I have only 2 months left. Even if the pandemic and quarantine are through in a short time, it wouldn't give me the time to save up the money that I need for my plane ticket and save my arrival in France. That's why your donation means so much to me, anything is appreciated.

Oh and also, if you’re having troubles through this site my PayPal is

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thank you for taking your time of the day to read my story and if you donated thank you so much for giving me hope for a future again. Goodbye :)