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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Hello, our names are Ana and Katarina, we are two international students in Munich. We are seeking funds to open an assisting service for foreigners. The complicated paperwork and bureaucracy in Germany can be overwhelming, and we want to use our knowledge to help others avoid the issues we faced when we first arrived. This has been a very exciting journey, but we need help in order to move forward. The funds will be used for all costs needed to start this business. We are ready to start - however the legal and administrative fees are high and we need your help to get started with our services. There are many fees and costs involved with starting a business. No amount is too small to help us achieve our dream. For now it will be just the two of us working, but we hope to employ others with the similiar desire to help in the future. Our goal is to be in business by September 2022. Due to a big amount of paperwork needed for the registration, starting now is needed in order to achieve our goal. We appreciate every help we can get, and hope that we can raise our funds soon so we can get started!

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Thank you!

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