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pour Help in Mukachevo by Kateryna Serhiivna Terekhova

We need your donation to help refugees in Ukraine.

Earlier this year in October 2022 we met a Ukrainian refugee, his name is Kirill, and he ran away from the war in Ukraine with his wife and children earlier this year. Originally from Mariupol, his city is now completely destroyed.

He introduced us to Kateryna Serhiivna Terekhova (Katya), a childhood friend that is now leading a charity organisation away from the front line.

She needs help to save many refugees in the West of Ukraine.

We decided to help her and organise to rent a truck to bring all sorts of supplies that they currently need urgently.


Currently, she takes care of:

1. shelter for 58 children, these are orphans from Donetsk, Luhansk, Toretsk, Slavyansk.

2. shelter for 52 orphans from the city of Dnipro.

3. a boarding school for 104 children with mental disabilities, located in the Vinnytsia region.

4. we provide assistance from our staff to about 500 families of immigrants who ended up in our region.

5. a shelter for children and people with disabilities, which accommodates 180 people.

6. built a shelter for families of immigrants with children and elderly people for 57 people.

7. we also help with products of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military doctors.

8. we help animal shelters and volunteers who take care of animals.

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