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Dear Friends of Nik,

after almost three years of working on Nik's extradition, we have come to a point where the money that you have so generously donated during the last collection has run out. So we again turn to you, in hope of support.

We are in the last stages of bringing Nik to Germany – the Russian authorities have decided positively in November 2015, and now we are waiting for him to be transported to Moscow and then to Berlin, hopefully some time in the next  months.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered below, please contact us under:


Questions you might have

What happened to the money that was collected so far?

Mostly, we had to spend it on lawyers. The Moscow lawyer we had to hire during the first year to cover the trial cost 2.000€ per month (these services in Moscow are super-expensive). Then we had to hire a German lawyer with experience in extraditions, to help us facilitate and speed up the process. Also, we had to hire an additional Russian lawyer in the town of the colony, mostly for his safety and for the trial last November.

Apart from this, we take care of needs he as in prison, to keep him healthy, safe and alive.   


When Nik is almost in Germany, what do you need more money for?

The last invoices of his German lawyer and his Russian lawyer are not covered yet. While the process is almost finished, there still are some things to be done – and while we also hope that it won't be too complicated and expensive, we've learned in the past years that you never know...