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pour Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation


The MGHRO football club has been aiding the support,  integration and acclimatisation of migrants and refugees  since 1994. The sudden withdrawal of funding has disturbed the ability for the organisation to not only fulfill its mandate of social inclusion and migrant and refugee integration through sports, it has left destitute the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers further entrenching the already lived traumatic experiences of leaving their home coutries.

The absence of funding has caused the standstill of organisation activity aimed at supporting  the migrants and refugees as, which means the refugee crisis is compounded and further entrenches the stigma of refugees being a social and economic burden to their new communitities. The Organisation  no longer can provide a safe space where the refugees and migrants can release their anxiety and interact in social settings, through competitive and social sport.

The lack of funding has put stress on the organisation staff as they have to now carry the extended cost of working on the organisation personally for the few activities still running and going to work. The staff is committed to the cause of the organisation and the people who need the assistance from the organsiation, however the added  cost burden creates tension on the staffs ability to provide the best possible assistance to their client base.

The tension in Hungary has created a climate of fear for the migrants and refugees to be sent back to their home countries in which they have fleed, further alienating and traumatising their presence in the country and in their current respective communities. Our inablity to aid in decreasing these fears and tensions through our interactions and support to refugees will ensure that the  narrative around migrants and refugees in the Hungarian community will become worse and a self fulfilling prophecy.  While the law is intended to stop illegal immigration, in fact it is crushing the civil society: it deprives the NGOs of the democratic capacity to act in order to solve a problem that the state is not capable to.


The MGHRO would implore the public extended European communities for your financial assistance through contributions and donations to enable the continuance of the organizations work in supporting the refugee and migrant community in Hungary.

If you would like to help the please see below the Organizations bank Details.


Mahatma Gandi Human Rights Organization

Budapest Bank IBAN – HU06-1010-2086-8035-7400-0100-0305 (for donations in Euro) Swift Cd. - BUDAHUHB

OTP Bank IBAN – HU94-1171-4006-2030-3271-0000-0000 (for donation in Hungarian Forints) Swift Cd. – OTPVHUHB

Tax n. - 18044098243. If You pay your taxes in Hungary, please consider donating us your 1%!



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You can also send us an email at  , and if you are based in Hungary you can join us as volunteer!