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Welcome to Claudine's Open Water Marathon money pot.
We need
your help!
The first goal,
the swimdress, was achieved.Next goal is to cost her participation 28-30th/June at the 3rd stage of the brazillian Open Water Championship in Fortaleza with competitions of 5 and 10km.

Sejam bem vindo na campanha de Claudine de Maratonas de Águas Abertas.Precisamos a sua ajuda!A primeira etapa, a compra de um novo traje Arena R-Evo foi alcançado.A proxima meta é de custear a participação de CLaudine na 2a etapa dop campeonato brasileiro de maratonas aguáticas, 28-30/Junho em Fortaleza com competições de 10K e de 5K. Já conseguimos uma ajuda na passagem e
estamos quase lá.
Qualquer doação de 5 ou 10 Euro já fará uma grande diferença.

Claudine, a 16yrs old brazilian open water marathon swimmer needs your help to continue competing at the brazilian national championship.

Click to make a contribution.

  • Any donations, regardless of size are really appreciated;
  • You can as well donate miles from your mileage frequent flyer program;
  • You can as well
    send her competition tech suits and training aids;
  • All payments are

Claudine is a 16years old girl who lives with her German/Luxembourgian father, a University Professor, and her 9 years old brother in Brazil. She is an Open Water Marathon athlete and started
competing in Open Water with 9yrs, having been regional champion in her age category since 2012.
she participates for the first time in the Brazilian Open Water elite category, "O Campeonato Brasileiro". After the 1st competition, she was ranked 5th in her category. She finnished as 2nd in the brazillian championship 2017 and 2018, 6 time regional champion and 2017 and 2018 winner in her category and 2nd with the adults at the "Travessia Mar Grande TBTS,
a 12-15km channel crossing.

Claudine trains hard for to be competitive. She wants to be part of the German or Brazilian Open Water Marathon team at the 2024 Olympics. Monday to Friday, she trains 2,5hrs from 14:30-17:00 in the pool at her college, the Salesiano Dom Bosco in Salvador-Bahia with world champion Ana Marcela Cunha former trainer, Baixinho.

3 times the week she does extra sessions with her father from 06:00-06:50 before entering the classroom.

week, she she works out at the yachclub of Bahia, her new clubn since 2019, in the late afternoon at home.At the weekend and during holidays, she does
another 3-4hrs training each day (5-7km) at the Piatã beach, completing 26hrs of training, swimming over 50km, per week.

After Brazilian economic crisis, she lost several institutional supporters and needs your help to continue to compete. The championship is composed by 6-8 open water competitions + 3-4 regional competitions in the pool, some over 3.000km from where she lives. Additional, there are another 10-12 local open Water competitions and 10 local competitions per year in the pool.This means, staying in simple hostels, she spends at least Euro 1.000,00 per competition, adding up to 9.000,00-12.000,00 Euro/year traveling. Additional to the travel expenses, she needs competition swimwear (2.000,00Euro/year), goggles and training aids (500,00Euro/year), nutritional supplements (1.200,00 Euro/year) and pays at least 800,00 Euro/year for register fees.

This adds up with extra expenses and local transport to over 15.000,00 Euro/year.

Please help Claudine to continue her promising career!

How can you help us:

  • Donating, Clicking the button;
  • Spreading the word, forwarding this project;
  • Leaving an encouraging message for her;
  • Buying flight tickets for her with your frequent flyer milage;
  • Ordering training aids and or competition suits and sending it to her;
  • Ordering in Brazil nutritional complements for her.

As a simple gesture of gratefulness, Claudine will send at the end of the year the swim caps, she receives at the official open water competitions, to 6-8 of her supporters, chosen by a lottery.

Thank you!