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Help a Nicaraguan Local Community with Food Packages

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pour Help a Nicaraguan Local Community with Food Packages


We discovered Popoyo, Las Salinas in 2019 when we were traveling in south and central America. We fell in love with this place and decided to go again this year. We are living in Popoyo since february this year.

Popoyo is a little piece of paradise with wonderful beaches, perfect waves and little hotels and restaurants. Most of the villages around the area are living from Popoyo tourism.

After a month here, the sanitary crisis (Covid-19) started, all the tourists left, and most of the hotels and restaurants had to close, letting most of the local community unemployed, in a country with no social help.

Right now, many people from Las Salinas are struggling to feed their families. Local associations need your help to provide food to more families.

By giving 20$, you will feed a family for a week. Thanks to you, each month, they will be given a food package with rice, beans, sugar, oats and oil.

Every dollar/euro counts, feel free to give whatever you can.

Irene & Lindy