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Hello everyone & welcome to my money pot!


I'm been planning a new technology business with a specialism in the financial services sector. Everything is in place but i've struggle on funding.


I need £100K to make this business idea into reality and i use the funds to form new company in United Kingdom and buying technology infrastructure which is in line with international standards.


To battle with financial struggles, i have started an online crowdfunding campaign and I am passionate about my business idea and to ensure to make this business idea into reality with my experience background in this industry. For those that help and no matter how small your contribution for my business idea, i willing to share net revenue of the company.

I know and aware this pitch has omitted quite a lot of specific details and that's because I don't want competitors learning too much and most of my nearest and dearest already know the full works.


If you have interest to full support my business idea, please contact me directly at   for further deep discussion.


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