Finishing Master's despite Covid-19

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Hello everyone! I am happy and thankful you chose to visit my money pot.

For me, this great opportunity is really new. I heard about it the first time when talking about monetary problems with my friends, but never made use of it.This is what I want to change now. I want to overcome the fear of asking other people for help during a precarious situation. A feeling that probably a lot of you and other people know.

I am in the last year of my Master's degree in Law. As many others, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected me very much. A job offer as a working student I accepted already, was in the end cancelled in summer 2020 due to the pandemic. Now, in 2021, I can work at least a few hours per week for a different company.

But not only the job situation was affected by the pandemic. The initial plan to finish my degree by the end of the year 2020 got postponed as the academic cycle was postponed as well. This is, why I will need a semester longer to finish my degree.

I come from a non-academic parental home as both my parents are simple employees who cannot afford to support me financially. The only income I generated was from working a student job next to my studieswas and from a student loan which expired as I have now exceeded the standard study period.

Furthermore, my Laptop which I bought at the beginning of my studies broke a couple of weeks ago. With online classes only and the fact that I have to write my thesis with a Laptop, this is an additional huge amount of money I have to spend.

This leaves me with a precarious situation.

Therefore, I really hope that some of you can and are willing to help me. Even though I know that the situation at the moment is not great for a lot of people, I really rely on and hope for some help.

Thank you so much!