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Ellies and Shaks Survival

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pour Its us Ellie and Shak and you can help us survive in this cruel world


A binational couple on the neverending quest to fight racism and the patriarchy.


We are Ellie🇩🇪 and Shak🇧🇼. We are both students and just trying to make use of our human right Article 16 to marry and have a family.

But Europe and its requirements make it near impossible, especially if you are not rich and one partner is black and African. We do not have a choice. We have to get married to even have a future at all.

I can't stay in Botswana for longer than 180 days within a year and he cannot stay in Germany/Schengen region for more than 90 days within 180 days.

Also, a Schengen visa for somebody from a "Drittstaat", something like a "Third Country" which does not have an agreement with Germany or Europe takes quite a while and usually costs up to 350€, flight and accommodation costs not included and obviously non-refundable if rejected. The rejection rate in Africa obviously varies from country to country but can get up to 44% without proper reason.

So there is absolutely no other way for us to stay together than to get married. None.

We have been chased from country to country from dead end to dead end for almost a year now. We haven't seen our families in 2 years because we are so afraid, that if we ever separate even just for a day, that they will keep us apart forever. The thought alone hurts like hell.

We already spent around 1k € to just get the documents necessary for the marriage and now we have to get married as soon as possible because they are only valid for 6 months, and some already expire within the next 3 months but Covid makes it almost impossible.

We'll take anything you can offer, any help at all is appreciated. We don't want luxury, we just want to finally take our human right to marriage and family. They can only really keep us apart as long as we are not married, and they sure as hell make it super difficult to change that.