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pour Mia Marisa

Welcome to Quinta da Mia & Marisa!

We are Mia, Maya-Masala, Mel, Alberta and Kuschelienchen - 5 cats - living on a lovely FUTURE educational farm in Ginetes. As we enjoy the view of the sea, we watch an ecological community growing around us. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (Região Autónoma dos Açores, Portugal), caring people create a natural retreat and you can, just as well, become a part of this.

Our owners are looking to provide additional shelter for us animals and a living space for future project members, as well as workawayers. The planting of a permaculture garden, a food forest and the construction of a barn house and an earthship are being planned. With sustainable management and organic farming, they want to demonstrate that security of supply can be guaranteed even on a small surface area if people work together in harmony with nature and with us animals. The development of a revitalizing and solidarity-based agricultural oasis will be at the heart of the project. They also encourage guests to participate in our food forest project to make arrivals and departures as nature-friendly as possible.

Thus, they have already started to plant a little food forest and to build a children's playground. Together we are designing a refuge for those who want to strengthen our connection to Mother Earth.

In a relaxed and peaceful environment our human friends sustainably manage 0.7 ha of land. In the near future, they will try also to switch to an environmentally friendly energy supply with the help of renewable energies as well as low-tech solutions such as the creation of a natural swimming pool, a plant-based purification system or a small biogas dome - sustainable and productive change begins in everyday life. In addition to therapeutic and educational offers (use of methods of experiential nature education, among others) our human friends want to offer space for culture and research...

Join in on this hollistic vision and introduce your own ideas on sustainability. We are excited about gaining more independance in terms of our energy and water supplies, but there is so much more to discover. Share your thoughts on ecological building, natural medicine, free education or anything else on your mind. The best time to plant a seed is 20 years ago, the second best time is NOW.

For more infos, please check out our facebook page:

Thanks to everyone for your help to build and to support our ecommunity !

Mia, Mel, Maya-Masala, Alberta & Kuschelienchen

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