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Eastern European Feminist Gathering

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Créée par Emma Goldman

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We are inviting people to the three-day gathering on 24, 25 and 26 of August to analyse factual and explore potential ways of resistance. Our aim is to facilitate what we, the fragmented feminist, human rights and LGBT* movements in Lithuania and the neighbouring countries, rarely have time and resources for – reflection of our actions, cooperation building and creating strategies for future fights. In order to do so, we would like to raise some funds for covering travel costs for people who can't afford it. We are expecting people from Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Czechia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia etc. Our topics for gathering are:


  • Different feminist actions and movements against the Right in EE (herstories and narratives).
  • Nationalist discourse in EE: between the great Family (Nation) and the great Evil (Other).
  • Anti-feminist, Right-wing and Neoliberal Socioeconomic Developments in Eastern Europe.
  • What are the prospects of feminism in EE? How can we organize and resist neoliberal fascism together and what strategies should we use to reach our aims?

Your support will allow people from poor/precarious backgrounds to gather together and expand feminist networks in order to facilitate better communication and cooperation in our struggles locally and internationally. Our gathering is organized according to grassroots principles and doesn't have any funding, therefore your support is crucial. Support us if you believe in our aims, if you would like to participate but can't and want to express your solidarity. 


More information about our gathering:


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