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The double click test is one of the widespread mouse click measurings tools. In past decades, the use of mouse and keyboards has increased a lot. For instance, along with the daily office and other work, many people or gamers use it to play games on the computer/laptop. Many games demand these devices carry on further in the games. An activity like jump and shooting requires a mouse/keyboard. And that's the reason people are more tend to increase their clicking speed. The double click test solution lets you measure the mouse clicking speed at a specific time. It was the overview of the Double click test.

What is the Double Click Test?

A double click is a simple tool or site with features that enable people to take and measure the mouse clicking speed with an authentic result. No matter for what reason you want to develop or enhance the mouse click speed, a double click test is the perfect option.

How to use this tool?

Operating this tool is a straightforward process, and it does not require any technical knowledge.

  • · Open our site (cps test) and find the tool in the sidebar menu.
  • · Click on it to open.
  • · You can set up a specific time just by selecting it.
  • · Once your time begins, start clicking the mouse quicker before the time ends.
  • · Once the timer stops, you will get the result or ranking based on your mouse performance.
Why take a test with a double click?

There is no set rule or limit to take the double click test. Anyone who can improve their clicking speed from average to a higher level can use this tool. Most probably, gamers use this tool to polish their gaming skill to perform better. And along with speed, this tool even lets you check your brand new gaming mouse works properly or not. This mouse tester tool is perfect for testing the accuracy and sensitivity of the gaming mouse.

How to score higher in the double click test?

Scoring higher in the test is easy, and you don't need any extra effort to get a better outcome. Practicing regularly for a few minutes can help. It would help if you considered more factors for scoring high on the test.

· Your hand postures matter in the game, so make sure you take them with the right techniques.

· Check whether your mouse is working or not. If not, replace it with another. You can even reset the mouse setting for a better outcome.

· Make sure your hands are cleaned to control the mouse well.

How to resolve unwanted mouse clicks while taking the test?

We often experience conflict while clicking the mouse, and it happens so often. If any such error occurs, consider replacing it with another. You can try to fix it manually by following the instruction on the internet. Try to figure out mouse settings for better options. One of the methods is by checking it double click test!

What is the primary objective of the double click test?

The double click test is primarily used for checking whether your mouse is clicking double instead of a single click. Our tool helps you to find this conflict easily. Many professionals and gamers know the importance of the double click test and how the double click impacts performance in every field.


There are many reasons to use this double click test. And no matter for what reason you used it, you will get the best outcome through this test. So, take the double click test today without taking too much time!