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Kids climbing camp

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Hello everyone,

I'm a climbing guide based in Austria. I'm training kids to achieve there goals in sportclimbing. As the financial part in sports like climbing, which aren't covered by medias in a commercial way, is leaking a bit, I had the idea of starting a crowdfunding project.

What my pot will be used for:

basically I wanted to give the kids (arround 10 kids) I train the possibility to go for a training camp. Every tiny help would help me to make it happen. As the outdoor season is nearly over I was planning to do a camp in spring 2022. There are many places in Austria which are incredible to climb. And I think my kids would deserve to climb with their mates out there for just some days in a beautiful environment. The kids have the gear it takes to do so but also we have to provide housing, transport, food and entrance to climbing gyms (in case of bad weather).

Thank you for taking the time to read. Any help will bring us closer to get them kids out there with their friends and do what they love most. Climbing.