Help Ugandan Lacrosse players to attend the Berlin Open 2019

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We want to give 5 Lacrosse players from Africa, Uganda the opportunity to play at the Berlin Open Lacrosse tournament from July 5-7 2019. Help us to grow the game and give these players a chance for an unforgetable, international Lacrosse experience.


The Berlin Open is European's biggest and most traditional Lacrosse tournament with around 40 teams from all over the globe organized by the Berlin Lacrosse team BLAX (SCC Berlin). Teams from North America, Asia and Europe had been at the Berlin Open already, which points out the international focus. For this year's 25th edition, we want to bring players from Africa, Uganda to Berlin for the first time. We want to give these players from Uganda the chance to have a great sportive experience and also grow the game worldwide. 


The money will finance the flight, accomodation and VISA of these 5 players coming to Berlin (4.600 € for flights, 750 € for accomodation and 350 € for VISA).


Quote of Jeff Anwar, player of Uganda Lacrosse:

"The reason for us to take part in the Berlin Open it's an opportunity to enhance our exposure and skills through meeting different lacrosse players. It has been a challenge for us that we have to wait till four years to play a major tournament (World Championship 2018). Playing in Berlin Open will help us understand the dynamics of the game like learning more from different coaches, referees and the changing rules of the game."