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We are losing billions of bees each year due to many complicated causes, including viruses, climate change, decreasing crop diversity, pesticides and many more. The extinction of bees will not only deprive the world of a species, but it may have severe impact on ecosystems, economy and eventually the human race. Therefore, we would like to spread awareness around this topic and protect the bee’s existence. In this way, we contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 11 “Sustainable cities & communities” & 15 “Life on Land”.


We aim to encourage both people (and companies) to plant pollen-rich flowers to preserve the bees in a more sustainable way. To obtain our goal, we work on two pillars. In first instance, we share useful information via social media and potential other channels. Secondly, we would like to provide as many people as possible with the seeds to plant these bee-friendly flowers.


This will ultimately lead to an increase in the worldwide bee population. Besides, we aim to stimulate people to have a positive mindset towards the bees and spread the importance of their existence in their social and economic environment.