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pour Cats of Amman


The Balls off project 🙌

⏳ a one - month sterilization campaign starting 1st of July

😻 for street cats

🇯🇴 in Jabal Amman

🩺 with the help of a Jordanian vet!

Why? 🤔

By limiting their population, we can prevent:

  • human-powered concentration of animals in urban areas (they should be running around in fields 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️)
  • deseases due to polluted environments,
  • deadly fights for food,
  • never ending pregnancies

& hopefully increase their chances of being welcomed in homes 🏡

How? 🤗

This campaign mainly targets male cats (it's easier, harmless and cheaper), but with extra money and time we sure will extend it to female cats as well!

Male sterilization - 25jd, a one-day stay in clinic.

Female sterilization - 45jd, minimum 3 days in clinic.

Thanks alot for your help 🙏 we'll keep you updated at each step of the project! 😻😻