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An Overview of the Process of Writing Academic Essays

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Academic Essays should be written systematically and by Following a Proper Process


All essays written in academia are referred to as academic essays. This is one of the most common written assignments faced by students. It is usually written in response to a question, and it requires the writer’s point of view backed by solid evidence. Many students are unfamiliar with the process of coursework writing, as well as, its structural requirements. These are two essential components to the essay and, therefore, students need to be familiar with it.


The Process of Writing the Essay

These essays are written adhering to a specific process. A successful essay can be written, if students were to follow the process in the proper manner.


  • The selection of the topic is the first part of the process. The topic is vital to the essay. The topic will be what the essay is about. It needs to be interesting, should have ample and quality resources, should be relevant to the subject studied, and it should be easy to handle.
  • The next part of the process involves the proper analysis of the question. Students need to make sure that they understand what is required. Are you to argue, persuade, analyse or compare? You will not be able to write the essay without proper understanding of the requirements.
  • An outline is essential for successful academic essays. This will be the road map that will guide you through the writing process. An outline helps you to organize, write my essay for me and construct the essay in a cohesive manner.
  • An essay requires an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction should contain approximately 10% of the total number of words as should the conclusion. The remainder 80% is allocated to the body of the essay.
  • The body paragraph should be written first. This section will guide the reader, step by step, through the argument presented in the thesis statement. Every main idea should be in a different paragraph with supporting information. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence.
  • The introduction should be written next. It should provide the reader with a brief background of the topic, the thesis statement, which is your viewpoint, and how you will prove your point of view.
  • The conclusion should be written last and should restate the thesis. A summary of the main points in the essay should be provided, as well as, its results.
  • The manner in which academic essays are written is the same that is used for any other academic writing. Therefore, you need to be familiar with it, in order to excel at academic writing.

Help with Essay Writing

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