Alligators and Other Wild Animals: Why Stay Away from Them?

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The behavior of animals like dogs and cats could be predicted from its training and upbringing. The same could not be said about wild animals like alligators, snakes, lions, tigers, and bears. Since all of these animals ate hunters, they can never get rid of their predator streak.

These animals are huge and there is only one thing that you could predict about them and that is they are natural predators and hunters and they are dangerous for you also.

2. They are Dangerous for You

As we said before, wild animals are dangerous and no matter how hard you try, you cannot change their nature. If you think that because you have brought a baby cub or alligator home so you can domesticate them then you are in for a surprise.

Animals like a pet fox, snake and bear are known for attacking their owners and believe us, you will not stand a chance against them if they come in their attacking mode. Other than this, these wild animals carry a number of dangerous and potentially fatal diseases in their bodies.

In case you contract them from them, this could become a difficult situation.

3. Wild Animals are not Made to Be Domesticated

Some animals are not made to be domesticated. Humans have been domesticating cats and dogs for centuries. Due to this, these animals make ideal emotional support animals and pets.

Domestication is a lifelong process and this has been ingrained into their DNA as they are bred to be our companions.
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Alligators, snakes, lions and other animals are not bred to live with us. They lack the DNA mutation needed for domestication and this is why they are not fit to bring home.

4. Wild Animals cannot live in Confinement

These animals have special needs and you cannot keep them in confinement. They are made to live in the wild and this is why they cannot live in our places and habitat. They have special needs like hunting to survive and for food. This, they learn from their own kind only.

Moreover, they need a place to roam and live freely. Most of these animals could grow quite large in size, which makes them even difficult to manage.

5. They cannot be an ESA

And we are not talking about the illegal aspect only. An ESA provides emotional and psychological support to its owner. Do you think an animal with special and extravagant needs will be able to do it? Instead of them providing you with support, you will be worried about their size and your protection.

The situation could be quite weird and this is why steering clear of them is the better way of dealing with it. An ESA letter is a must to bring your animal home and checking an ESA letter sample is a great way of making sure that you get the real thing.