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Hello everyone & welcome to Bardia's money pot!

With just 1-click you can support a community project for Bardia.

Our colleague Bardia has had a serious health issue in the last months and had to go through surgery. He is now on the path of recovery, but it will most likely be long and strenuous. Hospital visits are very tricky with the current COVID regulations. So we cannot go and give Bardia our best wishes in person. However, we thought about setting up this pot to collect some money to buy him a nice gift or voucher (depending on how much we can get together). So we would greatly appreciate if you would contribute and help put a smile on his face. All ideas for gifts that can be bought with the pot are very welcome.

We are planning to give Bardia the gift at the beginning of April. We will also give him a card with the names of everyone who contributed (and wanted their name included).

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Thank you!