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SAC Performers Fund

Organisé pour : Scottish Arts Club

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Fill the empty piano stool and fill this beautiful room with music!. The Scottish Arts is a wonderful venue for live music of all genres, and is especially suited to chamber music in a setting for which it was composed. 

The venue is too small to generate enough income from audiences alone, so the Club has initiated a Performers Fund to which all these donations will go, so that talented young performers can be paid a fair fee.  They are mainly young professionals at the beginning of their careers and it is unreasonable to expect them to play for the performance opportunity alone. 

All donors will, if they wish, be added to our mailing list so that when in Edinburgh you can call and see and hear the value of your gift.

These young people have devoted their lives so far to their art. You can help reward them for their dedication, and ensure that they can continue playing for the enjoyment of  future listeners.


Marilyn Jeffcoat President


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