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Fundraiser for Fundación Cantoalavida

Fundraiser for Fundación Cantoalavida


Fundación Cantoalavida

Fundación Cantoalavida is located in Campoalegre, Colombia, and aims to collect from the streets abandonned dogs and cats, and give them a shelter and the necessary treatments and food. By the moment, we have more than 40 dogs and 100 cats that cohabit in the same space.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other animals for the moment because the conditions we are facing need to be improved to assure the necessary quality to all the animals we provide shelter. This foundation only lives from its donations, and for now we have several projects that urgently need to be developed. Unfortunately, because of the daily urgencies that constantly appear (sick animals), the money is currently missing. Among these projects there are :

- the conclusion of the fence - this is the most urgent project as there are holes in it, and animals manage to go out and get hurt.

- the construction of new dormitories - for us to have a specific space for baby dogs and cats 

- the construction of a specific place for animals in quarentena, to have a safe place for sick animals to rest and to assure the well being of the others.


We are Mafalda and Alexia, two volunteers from Portugal and Canada, and we would like to start those projects in the beginning of January, in order to see them conclude before our volunteering ends and we leave. As such, we kindly ask if you can donate something to help us. Any contribution is very welcomed and can a make a difference for those lives.Thank you very much and we wish you lots of love 😘🐱🐾

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Fundación Cantoalavida