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Investigación y Desarrollo proyectos Willperman (English below)

Ayúdame a avanzar.Con el fin de desarrollar nuevos proyectos, crear nuevas inventivas y fomentar el conocimiento colectivo, he creado este bote, en el que podrás participar con la cantidad que quieras. Uno de ellos es el proyecto Ayudame3D, con el desarrollo de trésdesis de manos y brazos para personas que lo necesitan de cualquier parte del mundo, he comenzado en la investigación de nuevas prótesis y ortesis para mascotas, tecnologías sensoriales para brazos robóticos a distancia, domótica en el hogar, inteligencia artificial y realidad aumentada. Sigo investigando y disfrutando aprendiendo, pero no siempre puedo permitirme los conocimientos que quiero conseguir ni los materiales necesarios para seguir aprendiendo.   Cualquier ayuda es una maravilla y un gran empujón para seguir aprendiendo, investigando y sobretodo disfrutando de conocer más las nuevas tecnologías y de ayudar a los que más lo necesitan. Aquí puedes apoyarme en un clic.* Participa con la cantidad que quieras.* Todos los pagos están protegidos.Gracias a todxs! 😍😍 ----- In order to develop new projects, create new inventive and promote collective knowledge, I created this boat, in which you can participate with the amount you want. One of them is Ayudame3D project, the development of hand and arm threedesis for people who need it from anywhere in the world, I have started in the research of new prosthetics and orthoses for pets, sensory technologies for robotic arms at a distance, domotics at home, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. I am still researching and enjoying learning, but I can not always afford the knowledge I want to achieve or the materials I need to continue helping others. Any help is a marvel and a great push to continue learning, researching and above all enjoying knowing more about new technologies and helping those who need it most.Here you can support me in one click. Participate with the amount you want.All payments are protected.Thanks to all! 😍😍


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¡Bienvenid@ a este bote solidario!Hola somos elena e isabella padecemos una enfermedad huerfana llamada AME -atrofia muscular espinal- es una enfermedad neurodegenerativa que limita nuestro tono muscular y respiración. El tratamiento actual es mediante un medicamento muy costo que se llama Spinraza, queremos contar con tu colaboración ya que el sistema de salud de colombia no lo quiere suministrar.Tambien puedes hacer tu donación a las cuentas de ahorros 91293589734 de bancolombia y la 006100834545 de davivienda Dios los bendiga Participa de manera fácil y sencilla en un clic.* Participa con la cantidad que quieras.* Todos los pagos están protegidos Gracias a tod@s


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prosthesis to be able to walk again

prosthesis to be able to walk again

1$ seems like a drop in the sea. However, many drops do majestic thingsName: MohamedSurname: Abou-oualidCountry: MoroccoCity: AgadirPhone: 00212604814988Language to speak: Spanish my dream is to find generous people to help me with prosthesis Health is the true wealth.      Story of young Moroccan with physical disability.   My story of fighting against the disease began in 2004 when I began to suffer from severe pain in my left leg. After some medical consultations we found the diagnosis: he had tumor in the bone. Thank God we discovered it early. When we met that diagnosis, my parents were very scared to hear this news that none expected. When the doctor diagnosed me and explained what it meant, he took me to a room, and there he told me that he needed Talk to me in private. He wanted to tell me that it was necessary to amputate the leg without loss of time, to prevent the disease from spreading in the body. If we did, we had many chances to beat cancer.   Actually I felt a strange calm and the scare disappeared completely. Thank God and without fear I told the doctor: Do not wait, you have to amputate your leg to save my life! "The surgery was successfully performed, and then it was the turn of chemotherapy. Over time and after many appointments and consultations with the doctor, the symptoms of the disease disappeared completely. The doctor advised me to practice sports to preserve my own well-being, and that I tried to do.   On the other hand, my life changed completely. I had to accept and learn to live with my new reality, a person with physical disability, and begin to adapt to my new lifestyle. At the beginning it was not easy, I had difficulties to finish my studies at university. I had to use crutches to go to the university that was far from my house like a distance of 7 kilometers. After walking, day after day, the crutches broke. Every two or three months I had to replace them. Over the years, the use of crutches has always hurt me, causing injuries to my arms and hands.   Now, after searching a lot of time, I decided to get a prosthesis. In an orthopedic center, I found a prosthesis called endoskeletal femoral prosthesis with free knee, which is what my body needs. The value of this prosthesis is 50000.00 Dh ( Moroccan dirhams- local currency of Morocco) roughly $ 55000 TVA (Tax sur les Valeur Ajouté) The taxes on the added value accompanied with the procedures to obtain the prosthesis take the value to U $ 7500.   This value is impossible to gather for me, so I would like each person to read my story, draw their own footprint in this campaign to give me a hand and leave a smile on my face, which is full of bright and prosperous future.I joined the courage to start this campaign, with the desire to reach the funds to make my dream come true, which is to walk again.  after all I want to finish my words by this proverb:"Charity, patience and tenderness are a great treasure, and whoever has it shares it with others"                        Mohamed Abou-oualid


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