Leetchi.com offers a hassle-free way to create a bridal registry! Simply invite guests to contribute to your money pot and choose your own gifts!


Create your wedding money pot for the 'big day'


Invite friends and family to contribute


Decide how to spend collected money

For anything and everything!

Honeymoon, home appliances...maybe a new car?

Leetchi user experience

My future wife and I were so stressed in the run-up to the big day that we forgot to organise a wedding list. At the last minute we came across Leetchi.com and the result was amazing! In just a few days everyone had contributed towards our honeymoon. And since then, I use Leetchi regularly for important occasions such as birthdays, baby showers and more...


Decide how to spend your money pot

Fees from just 2.9%*

Ask for the money to be transferred directly to your bank account:

  • 2.9% fee for money pots over £2000
  • 4% fee for money pots under £2000
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Request a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get money in your bank account within 48h (2 working days)

Manage and monitor your money pot

From your computer or directly on your phone

What exactly is a 'wedding registry' money pot?

It's an online platform that helps the 'husband and wife to be' create and manage their wedding gift registry. Instead of receiving physical gifts you can opt for online money collections. It's a win win situation for both you - the organisers and the guests. They save time and trouble choosing gifts, you get what you want. Create your money pot and invite your guests to chip in. It's simple, secure and easy to manage!

Why create a money pot on Leetchi?


It's never been easier to organise a wedding registry. All contributions are collected in one-easy-to-manage place!


Use Facebook to spread the word about your wedding and your gift registry, so that everyone chips in


It's your big day so create a truly original money pot and personalise it with your own image and description.


No nasty surprises. We'll give you all the information you need about how to create and spend your money pot.


Leetch holds an E-Money Issuer licence. So, all payments and transfers are secured using a state-of-the-art payment system.


It's easy for your friends and family to contribute wherever they are, at home or on the go, via their computer, tablet or phone.

We’re here to answer all your questions, simply email us at help@leetchi.com or give us a bell at +44 20 8068 2189

Create your money pot

Create a money pot

An online money collection can be useful for a wide range of occasions including wedding lists and group birthday gifts.