Need to split bills with friends for a holiday? A flat share?

Create a money pot is a fuss-free solution for splitting any kind of bills online. Create a money pot any avoid any money issues between friends. Simply go Dutch!

How to use a money pot to split bills with friends?

When it comes to paying bills, it can be difficult working out who owes what. One simple solution is to create a money pot on – it’s an easy and secure way to collect money online. Simply invite the people involved to pay their share and then use the money collected to settle up.

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    Create a moneypot

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    Share your moneypot

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    Spend your moneypot

Create a money pot

Customer testimonial

I live in a flat share with three friends and it used to be really complicated to sort out who owed what for the electricity, food and council tax bills etc. Since we started making online payments via, it’s been so much easier and less stressful! Clare (and friends)

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