Leetchi.com is a stress-free solution for splitting any kind of bills online


Create a money pot to split your bills


Ask the friends or family members involved to contribute their share


Set up bank transfers so that each person pays the right amount

For all occasions

It's perfect for nights out, weekends aways, birthday presents etc.

Manage and monitor your money pot

Expense Sharing Money Pot on Leetchi.com

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

How do you use a money pot to split bills with friends?

When it comes to paying bills, it can be difficult working out who owes what. One simple solution is to create a money pot on Leetchi.com – it’s an easy and secure way to collect money online. Simply invite the people involved to pay their share and then use the money collected to settle up.

Why choose Leetchi.com to share your bills?


All the money ends up in one easy-to-manage place – it’s bill sharing made simple!


It's easy to share your money pot via email or Facebook.


You know exactly how much money you have – it’s free to create the pot and there’s a maximum 4% fee for bank transfers.


Peace of mind knowing that all payments are protected by Leetchi.com.


No more arguments about who has or hasn’t paid up and no more excuses about not having any cash!


It only takes a couple of minutes to create and share your money pot

Questions about your money pot? We’re on hand to help - email us at help@leetchi.com or call us on +33(0)9 72 44 41 67.

Leetchi.com helps you collect money online all kinds of events or presents whether it’s a farewell party or a fundraising project. If you’ve been on holiday with friends, why not use Leetchi.com as you shared expenses calculator?