Leetchi.com help you calculate your travel expenses to take the stress out of holidaying with friends


Create a money pot for your shared travel expenses



Ask for the money to be transferred to your or friends' bank accounts.

Have fun!

Enjoy a stress-free holiday

Manage and monitor your holiday money pot

Holiday Money Pot on Leetchi.com

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What is an group holiday money pot?

Off on holiday and don’t want to worry about who pays what? It’s simple! Create an online money pot, get everyone to contribute and use the money collected to pay for the accommodation, transport or expenses. Think of Leetchi.com as your personal travel expenses calculator and get down to the serious business of enjoying your holiday!

Why choose Leetchi.com to your share your travel expenses?


Collect together the contributions in one money pot that’s easy to manage and track.


Just a couple of clicks to put the fun back in holidaying with your friends.


Make your money pot as personal as possible with images and messages.


No surprises with clear pricing - it's free to spend on a partner site or there's 4% (max.) fee for a bank transfer.


All contributions are protected by Leetchi.com’s com’s secure payment system.


Ready, steady…click! Create and share your money pot in only a couple of minutes.

Questions about your money pot? We’re on hand to help - email us at help@leetchi.com or call us on +33(0)9 72 44 41 67.

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