Organising a group holiday? Use a money pot to share travel expenses with your friends!

Create a money pot make your group holidays less stressful by helping you to calculate and settle all your shared travel expenses. It's an easy expense reimbursement and management tool!

What is a 'share travel expenses' money pot?

Off on holiday and don’t want to worry about who pays what? It’s simple! Share the expenses with your travel buddies. Create an online money pot, get everyone to contribute and use the money collected to pay for all your shared travel expenses: the accommodation, transport or food shopping etc. Think of as your personal expense reimbursement tool and get down to the serious business of enjoying your holiday!

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Customer testimonial

My friends and I decided to go to Paris for a weekend. Before we left we created a money pot to collected funds for the train tickets and hotel accomodation. This way we could concentrate on having a great time without worrying out about who owed what. Lisa

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