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It takes just a few clicks to create your money pool and launch your project


Invite and ask people to support you and contribute to your money pool


Choose to spend it on a partner site (free) or ask for a bank transfer (2.9-4% fee)

For anything & everything

Group projects, events, clubs, holidays, nonprofits etc.

Leetchi user experience

When we created our rugby club, we quickly realised that we needed an easy and effective way to manage our expenses - buying uniforms, paying rent, organising games etc. Leechi was a great way to get everyone involved, not just all the players, but also people in the local community who wanted to support us. In just a couple of weeks we've pooled enough resources to get ready for our first game!


Spend in any way you want


It's completely free to spend your money pot on one of our partner websites.

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Give the money pot directly to the luck recipient who can spend it however they want!

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Give the money pot

Personalize the pot for the lucky recipient

The recipient can choose how to spend it

Degressive fees

Transfer funds from your money pot to a bank account:

  • 4% fee for money pots under £2000
  • 2.9% fee over £2000
  • 1.9% fee over £200 000
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Request a bank transfer

Choose your payment method and fill in your bank details

Get money in your bank account within 48h (2 working days)

Manage and monitor your money pot

From you computer or directly on your phone

Why choose an online money pool?


Transform your project into a reality without worrying about the practical details of collecting everyone's contributions.


Create your money pot in just a couple of clicks and personalize it with the all-important information for your friends, family and other contributors.


Pooling money online is unbelievably easy. Simply send out your invitations asking people to support you and we'll collect all the contributions together in one safe place.


There are no unpleasant surprises on Our platform is completely secure and all online transactions are protected.


Once you've created your pool of money it's time to share it far and wide with the help of email and social media.


You can even personalise your pool of money with some nice images and descriptions. It can be as creative as your project!

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