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Would you? has been the leading online money collection service in Europe since 2009. The platform is ideal for all kinds of money collections including group birthday gifts, leaving parties and innovative projects. 4 million users across the four corners of the world, in over 150 countries, have already used our money pots. So, why not give it go?

David's feedback

The last time I went on holiday with a group of uni friends, we decided to use an online money pot to make managing the budget a bit easier. In just a couple of days, we'd collected all the money and were able to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Caroline's feedback

When Louise was born (the first baby in our group of friends), we organised a collection on in order to give her a meaningful gift. As everything was online, friends from all over the world were able to contribute!

Joe's feedback

After working in our company for 4 years, Rachel decided to set up on her own. To make it easier to collect contributions for a present, we created an online money pot and sent the link to all her colleagues.

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Creating a money pot and using the online contributions collected is easy and risk-free with is the leading European online "money collection" service designed for group gifts, events or projects. With more than 3 million customers, the website is implanted all across Europe and available in more than 150 countries is an exciting French start-up headed by Céline Lazorthes, an energetic and compelling 31 year old. This online platform is ideal for collecting and managing money for group gifts and projects. If you received a "group" birthday or Christmas gift from your family and friends, they may well have used our online services to collect contributions. In 2009, when Céline Lazorthes was 26 and had just graduated from HEC Paris, she created Leetchi, whose online money pots have now become so famous.


A money pot to collect funds for my world trip... I didn't even know it was possible until I discovered Leechi. And it worked! It was a really easy way to collect contributions from my sponsors and everyone who believed in my project. I sent a postcard to every contributor to say thank you!


When our charity was threatened with closure due to lack of funding, we decided to create an online money collection. All our members could contribute and we even recruited new ones thanks to the local media who publicised out cause. It was complete, and unexpected, success!


For Sarah's hen party, we collected together about £3,000 for a wild weekend in Berlin. With the money already sorted out, we were able to fully enjoy the two days without any unnecessary stress.

We'd talked about taking part in the 4L Trophy rally in Morocco for ages and we finally signed up this year. However, 2 months before the big event, we realised that we had major budget problems. Using an online money collection on, we spread the word among our friends and family about this excellent cause and managed to collect together the amount needed just in time. It was an incredible adventure!

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