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Boost your non for profit fundraisng efforts with, the money pot for online money collections! Get more funding for a nonprofit organization of your choice!


Create a money pot to finance a nonprofit organisation


Invite members and/or the general public to participate


Decide how best to allocate the money raised

For all kinds of nonprofits!

Whatever the project: sports, arts or humanitarian help...

Leetchi user experience

We wanted to organise a trip to the Andes mountains in order to set up a primary school there. But, we didn't know where and how to find funding. Someone suggested using We created a money pot and send out invitations (we also added a link to our website) and in no time the contributions started coming in.


Monitor and manage your non profit project

Via your computer or directly on your phone

Why use to raise funds for a nonprofit organization?


It's easy to create a money pot to fund your project. It's also easy for people to contribute online!


Keep things simple by collecting all contributions and donations in one east-to-manage place.


It's easy to spread the word and get more support using social media, email and organisation website.


All transfers made on our website are fully protected by the latest payment security system.


There are no hidden fees. It's free to create a money pot and make donations. There's a 1.9% - 4% fee for a bank transfer (depending on the raised amount).


You decide how to manage your money - ask for a bank transfer or spend the it directly on a partner site.

We’re here to answer all your questions, simply email us at

Create your money pot

Create your money pot