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L'HEURE VIDE HUMANITAIRE - Venezuelan refugees

While travelling through South America by car we crossed the border of Ecuador and Colombia in Rumichaca. There we saw so many Venezuelan refugees in such great misery without the help they needed, that we decided to stay. We started this NGO, and have been working together succesfully with local and international organizations to give them the help they need. Please visit us at: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L'HEURE VIDE humanitaire L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire is a small network-based NGO focused on short-term projects in emergency situations involving refugee issues worldwide. Our approach is to assist existing humanitarian aid structures and local associations and to supplement them when their opportunities to act are limited or restraint.Our aim is not to direct or to implement.We are there to help. This approach ensures that we can focus on what is needed on the ground and in the now to fill the gaps in aid left by big organizational structures and complex international policy. As a small and nimble organization, we are not limited by bureaucracy or massive overhead.This allows us to concentrate our efforts where we excel: organizing the available resources in a hands-on, creative way to produce tangible results quickly and effectively. Sofie Sleumer and Michel MulderFoundersEn voyageant à travers l’Amérique du Sud en voiture, nous avons traversé la frontière de l’Équateur et de la Colombie à Rumichaca. Ici, nous avons vu beaucoup de réfugiés vénézuéliens vivant dans une telle misère que nous avons décidé de rester. Nous avons donc lancé cette ONG et nous collaborons avec succès avec des organisations locales et internationales pour donner à ces réfugiés l’aide dont ils ont besoin. Voici notre site web: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire est une petite ONG dédiée aux projets à court terme impliquant des réfugiés dans le monde entier. Notre approche consiste non seulement à aider les structures d’aide humanitaire existantes et les associations locales mais également à les suppléer lorsque leurs possibilités d’agir sont restreintes. Autrement dit, notre but n’est pas de diriger ou de mettre en œuvre: Nous sommes là pour aider. Cette approche nous permet de nous concentrer sur ce qui est nécessaire sur le terrain et dans le présent pour pallier aux limites l’aide accordée par les grandes structures organisationnelles et les complexes politiques internationales. Pour cause, en tant que petite organisation agile, nous ne sommes pas contraints par la bureaucratie ou les frais généraux massifs. Cela nous permet de concentrer nos efforts là où nous excellons, à savoir l’organisation de ressources disponibles de façon pratique et créative pour produire des résultats tangibles rapidement et efficacement. Sofie Sleumer et Michel MulderFondateurs

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We are Furloughed Foodies London. We’re on a mission to help feed the NHS💙 Why we exist:We are a group of people that have recently been furloughed or let go from our employment due to the current global crisis. Instead of bingeing on Netflix over the next few months while we’re all stuck at home, we wanted to help our #NHSheroes and the community. After speaking to some NHS workers about how we could help we realised two things: 1. doctors are receiving lots of cakes and unhealthy snacks 🍰, which is not great brain food for those on the front line. What they need and lack is healthy, hearty meals 🥘. 2. Canteens in most hospitals shut at 5 pm and staff working in the Covid-19 wards aren’t allowed in other areas of the hospital. This means staff really struggle for options when it comes to evening meals. Want to help? You can...💰 Donate money (on this page) 👨‍🍳 Cook food🚗 Deliver foodPlease register on our website

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The ARC Centre

Raising money to help The ARC Centre through Covid-19.The ARC Centre is a unique animal education centre based at Greenvale Primary School. We offer weekly classes to 2-18 year olds as well as school trips, 1:1 sessions, birthday parties and experiences! Due to Covid-19, The ARC Centre has had to shut it's doors. For us, it's not as simple as closing shop and waiting for this to pass. We have to care for all of our residents and make sure that their lives are unaffected by the loss of business. Our business may have stopped, but food, bedding, vet bills and electricity usage can't. We are therefore asking you to please donate to help us care for our animals. We so desperately want to be able to have a centre for all of our Rangers to return to at the end of this and won't be able to if we cannot make it through. Thank you in advance,Ranger Louise and Ranger Iain.

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Fatemeh's tuition fee

Hello I am Fatima from Iran, a 3rd year pharmacy student at Semmelweis University. Unfortunately I lost my father which was our family's main income provider and with this pandemic situation everything went out of control and my mother can not support me financially anymore. We are suddenly unable to provide the additional funds I'll need for finishing my studies abroad. I am devastated and helpless and am using my last option to fulfill my career. It is my sincere wish to attend university this fall and that is in jeopardy now.Your help and support would mean a world to me and it would change my life completely.Thank youFatemeh

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Workers' Dhaba in Delhi

Support the working people of Delhi NCR! Contribute for Workers' Dhaba! The Workers' Dhaba is a citizens' initiative run by volunteers from across Delhi. Our aim is to ensure food distribution in the city’s working class areas where, due to the health crisis and lockdown, people have have lost their sources of livelihood. In the wake of the health and subsistence crisis triggered by the rapid spread of Covid-19 in India, the Citizen Collective for Humanitarian Relief, in association with the Centre for Education & Communication, is organizing emergency distribution of food/ration among the working-class families of Delhi NCR. As part of this initiative we have set up our first Workers' Dhaba (kitchen) in Delhi University. We are providing rations and/or cooked meals to those families who have lost all source of income following the complete nation-wide lockdown ordered by the Indian Government on March 25. The cost for one family’s meal (5 persons) is around Rs. 250, and as of now we are able to reach about 800 people every day. We need your help and financial support to sustain and expand this effort and set up similar kitchens in other neighborhoods. For more details, write to us or check our Facebook page - Workers' Dhaba Any contribution would be extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to get in touch and spread the word! Thank you for your support and solidarity, Citizen Collective for Humanitarian Relief & Centre for Education & Communication (CEC)

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NHS Support Fund: One Million Masks Project

NHS Support Fund: One Million Masks Project

A CALL TO ACTION, CAN YOU HELP ? Dr Mathews / Kieran Phillips / Jonathan Penna Over 31,000 doctors have signed a petition calling for more to be done to provide adequate PPE for NHS staff. It is vitally important that NHS workers, Doctors and Nurses are able to treat patient with adequate protective masks. Thousands of NHS workers do not have adequate masks, goggles, gowns and gloves as we tackle this escalating crisis. A lack of PPE is putting workers in danger. At least three NHS doctors have died after contracting coronavirus. Due to strong professional relationships, we can secure an abundant supply of FFP2 Masks, surgical masks from certified equipment manufacturers to be shipped in the UK. 100% of donations will go directly into the acquisition and delivery of the FFP2 masks, surgical masks and Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in the UK's busiest Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units.Our Goal Our goal is to acquire, distribute, and deliver a million masks to hospitals with the help of your donations! If we surpass our goal, we will keep purchasing additional FFP2 & ventilators for frontline healthcare workers until every last penny is spent. Our Commitment Once the masks are delivered, we will mark our mask drop-offs on this page, so you can stay updated on where the donations are going. We will be posting stories and photos of our contributions, hand-offs, and the doctors you are helping on our Instagram (@one_million_masks). FAQ How will the funds be used? 100% of the funds will go directly to facilitating the purchase and delivery of masks and other urgent Personal Protective Equipment for frontline healthcare workers in the UK's largest hospitals. Our team is donating their time and have foregone compensation for their work. No one on the leadership team for One Million Masks is benefiting financially in any way from this campaign. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers are giving us the most competitive rates available for CE-licensed, medical-grade masks so that we can make sure that each penny we raise is maximized for efficacy. If we raise enough money and have enough access to supplies, we hope to expand our donations to other hospitals in need. What have you accomplished so far? We have contact within the PPE supply chain for CE-licensed medical masks from reputable manufacturers: (e.g. 3M, Medline, Beijing Cap High Technology). We have direct relationships with Hospitals and NHS Trusts in UK and are in touch with many Clinical Practitioners and Physicians and have assessed their needs. What is your current most pressing need? We can acquire 1,000,000 FFP2 masks ready to be shipped but require funds to secure the order. The inventory is disappearing every day as every infected country in the world is competing for supplies. We can access this inventory due to our strong network. The more funding we secure as soon as possible means, the more masks we can get for frontline healthcare workers. Why aren’t the hospitals & government ordering these masks directly? Hospitals, as well as government agencies, are trying their best to procure masks. However, due to supply chain limitations and global competition, they are currently experiencing extreme shortages. We are fortunate to have close relationships with many of the factories producing masks as all our team working in the field. How is this one different? Your donation will go directly to support the acquisition of masks & other urgent FFP2 for Uk healthcare staff at the frontlines of COVID-19. Because of the global shortage of masks & PPE, your funds will be able to get equipment that is in great need and out of reach for hospitals currently. Unlike other charities, ours is related directly to the supply of masks & PPE, because we believe that protecting our frontline healthcare workers is the most important thing to do right now. How are you procuring the masks? Through our volunteer network, we are fortunate to have close relationships with some of the largest surgical mask suppliers in the world. The manufacturers are certified with the European Union to supply medical equipment. We have verified and have copies of their certification. How are you distributing the masks? Through our volunteer network, we will be personally hand-delivering the masks to frontline medical workers at their hospitals, so that they get into the right hands. Are donations tax deductible? Currently, donations are not tax-deductible. If you know of a charity in this space that would like to sponsor our effort, we would love to partner with them. Until then, we have realized that the need is so urgent that we must move forward and hope that you will donate. I am an ER/ICU healthcare professional at a London hospital that is currently treating COVID-19 patients. We are short of masks. How do we request masks? Please send us an email through the LinkedIn of someone from the team. Aside from donations, how can we help? You can share this campaign and give a hand for the delivery. The Team Dr Mathews I am a Doctor with a background in adult medicine. One of the things that many of my friends and colleagues on the frontline are worrying about is having adequate and safe supplies of PPE to use at work. This is vital to keep healthcare workers safe and healthy whilst we work. I know lots of people are keen to try and help the NHS in any way that they can. So when Kieran asked if I would like to help with this project I agreed as I hope it will provide another way for people to help our NHS. I know Kieran and Jonathan are planning to use their known contacts to help procure more supplies for our hospitals. Jonathan Penna I have been working in finance in New York, Singapour & finally Hong Kong. I have been back in the UK for seven months. I'm now working as a consultant at Projectus Consulting with a specialisation in market access within medical. I hold an MSC in finance from HEC Paris and a BBA from EDHEC business school. I personally lost someone from my family infected by the Covid-19, I'm indeed deeply motivated to help the NHS during this crisis. I truly hope that you endeavour to support our health workers during this pandemic. Kieran Phillips I am a Graduate in Law and Science, a Consultant at Projectus, specialised in Regulatory Affairs and Engineering. My passion has been helping Medical device companies develop, innovate, and certify their products for market so that patients can benefit from a vast range of incredible technologies. I am personally highly-invested in the NHS through a close network of both friends and family and firmly believe that the NHS is a national treasure to be highly cherished, supported, respected and looked after.



Education for 3 members of an Indian family near Bodhgaya (India)

Education for 3 members of an Indian family near Bodhgaya (India)

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!We are Judit and Jona and we are raising funds to support an Indian family that we consider like our own one, to finance 7 years school for Aruni, a 10-year-old girl, and Rajni's (19) and Tanuja's (17) university. We met Dinu when we volunteered nearby his town last January and we were always welcome at his house for dinner or for a tea. We were always very happy to see his lovely niece and his nephews and to play with them. They have a very modest live. Dinu lives with his parents, 3 sisters, brother-in-law, 2 nephews and one niece. The men are the ones that work outside from home and earn the money. They rely on the high season to earn as much money as possible, to have enough during the lower season. Women look after the house and the kids. Eventhough they have enough to live, it is a struggle to pay for a proper education for the kids and for the youngest sisters that just started university. We believe that now is our time to help them. Aruni is 10 years old, she's very intelligent and a very extrovert kid. She attends a public school and receives a standard education and very basic English classes. She has a very high potential and she deserves a better school. Bare in mind that schools in India go from very basic, to acceptable or if you can afford it, you can pay for a private school where you will receive a very good education. It is a shame that public education hasn't good standards, and this is why Aruni's family would like her to go to a semi private school (which is just 88€/year). Rajni (19) and Tanuja (17) are also very intelligent, caring and very curious women that have big dreams for their future. They refused to marry in a young age and instead go to university. To receive a good education in India means that you will have higher chances to get a better job in the future and that you will be able to become an educated and an independent woman.They both are very engaged within their community, where they teach women about different topics. As we mentioned above, education leaves ignorance behind and empower women to have the courage to try to change a bit the dynamics of their society. In 2020 we are trying to summon up money for at least one year of education for all the three: * 7 years school education for Aruni = 614€Monthly tuition fee Rs 600 (7,3€) = 88€/year * 3 years university for Tanuja and Rajni = 3.105€Admission Rs 3300 (40€)Registration fee (first year) Rs 2000 (24€)Form fee Rs 2500 (30,5€)Books + material Rs 4500 (55€)Monthly transportation fee Rs 1600 (20€) or 240€/yearMontly tuition class fee Rs 1000 (12€) or 144€/yearPer person/3 years: 509,5€/year and 533,5€ first year = 1.552,5€ First year: 1155€ Wetruely believe that this wonderful people deserve a better future and there is no better way of granting this than getting a proper education. Do you help us? We trust Leetchi as it is a transparent platform and the entire amount will be transfered to the purpose mentioned above. Dinu and his family can't thank you enough for this. Thank you very much :) Judit and Jona



Almou n'Ait Izzou - Corona Virus Crisis

Almou n'Ait Izzou - Corona Virus Crisis

Durante esta crisis del Coronavirus, algunas personas están sin trabajo y varias familias se encuentran con dificultades financieras. El objetivo de está recaudación de fondos es ayudarles a pasar el mes de ayunó de Ramadan sin dificultades. Que Allah os recompensa y proteja en este periodo difícil.----------------Suite à la crise du Coronavirus, certaines personnes sont sans emplois et plusieurs familles se retrouvent en difficultés financières. L’objet de cette récolte de fond est de les aider à ne manquer de rien pendant la période du jeûne de Ramadan qui approche.Qu’Allah vous récompense et vous protège en cette période difficile.----------------مساعدة فقراء المو نايت ايزو في ظل ازمة كورونادعوة للتبرع جزاكم الله خيراالسلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته هذه صفحة خاصة موجهة لأفراد قبيلة ألمو الذين ندعوهم للمساهمة في تخفيف الأزمة على فقراء القرية بسبب أزمة كورونا.عن زيد بن خالد الجهني قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم : من فطر صائما كان له مثل أجره غير أنه لا ينقص من أجر الصائم شيء (رواه الترمذي في سننه رقم ٨٠٧ و صححه و صححه أيضاً الشيخ الألباني في تحقيق سنن الترمذي ---------------Following the Coronavirus crisis, some people in Almou village are unemployed, and their families find themselves in a serious financial difficulty. Consequently, These people need your help as soon as possible.The purpose of this charity campaign is to help families in need with food during Ramadan. We could as well pay their electricity and water bills.May Allah protect and reward you with goodness.



Music Production- Production Musicale

Music Production- Production Musicale

English follows***************************************Cher.e.s ami.e.s, famille et fans, On est très impatientes de partager avec vous LE prochain projet DE notre groupe " CharqGharb ". Après presque un an de préparation pour notre nouveau programme, nous sommes fières d'annoncer que nous avons pu trouver notre propre muse et créer notre propre style de musique fusion. On a choisi notre dernière composition après plus d'un an de travail pour montrer les émotions et les qualités de ces deux cultures, et on aimerait donner toute notre énergie afin de viser le rêve de la grande production internationale. Celle-ci sera une production en plein air, dans les Pyrénées, entourée de magnifiques paysages, tout en jouant notre musique fusion. Vous imaginez cette belle musique dans les Pyrénées ? Avec un piano à queue dans la nature ? Un décor extraordinaire? Oui, on travaille avec une grande société de production qui nous permettre d'atteindre nos objectifs et nos rêves. On a choisi notre dernière composition romantique avec beaucoup d'émotions et de connexions entre nous en tant qu'artistes, et on aimerait pouvoir capturer toute cette énergie avec la beauté de Mère Nature pendant toute une journée de tournage, de l'aube a crépuscule. Pouvez-vous imaginer ce rêve avec nous ? On le voit, et on espère que vous pourrez nous aider à réaliser ce rêve. Cette grande production implique une équipe de plusieurs producteurs, caméramans et réalisateurs professionnels, une production de haute qualité en time-lapse et un décor innovant, une journée entière en montagne de 2 heures à minuit afin de capturer les meilleurs moments. Cela nous ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre vers le niveau international, entourées de nouvelles relations potentielles et de producteurs qui pourront nous aider à réaliser notre rêve et à rendre nos soutiens fiers de nous. Nous voulons marquer ce monde, et c'est avec votre soutien inconditionnel que nous continuons à nous développer. Nous vous remercions d'avance pour votre soutien et voici un petit cadeau dont vous pourrez profiter pendant que nous créerons notre nouveau projet. Musicalement, Mira et Lamar *********************Our dearest friends, family, and supporters, We are super excited to share with you our next project for our growing group “ CharqGharb”. After almost a year of preparation for our new program, we are proud to say that we were able to find our muse and create our own style of music in a new way. Having chosen our next composition, we would like to give it our all and head for the big production dream. This production will be an outdoor one near the Pyrenees mountains, surrounded by beautiful scenery while playing our fusion music. Occidental and Oriental music in the Pyrenees? A piano in the wilderness? Yes, we are working with a big production company that will help us achieve our goals and dreams. We chose a romantic composition that has a lot of emotions and connection between us as artists and we want to be able to capture all this energy with the beauty of mother nature during a whole day of filming, starting from dusk till dawn. Can you see this dream in your head? We can, and we are hoping that you will be able to help us realize this dream. This big production means a team of professional producers and technicians, time-lapse high-quality production and innovative set, a whole day in the mountains from 2 am till 12 midnight in order to capture the best moments. And most importantly, it will open a new window for us to be on the international level surrounded by potential new connections and producers who will be able to help us also realize our dream and make our supporters proud of us. We want to leave our mark in this world and it’s with your unconditional support that we are continuing to grow. Thank you in advance for your support and here’s a small gift for you to enjoy while we create a new project. Musically,Mira and Lamar



ACAMA 43 France

ACAMA 43 France

Hallo bezoeker,In de groep Raad&Daad Frankrijk hebben leden zich uitgesproken om Gerard d'Olivat te bedanken voor het werk wat hij in de afgelopen periode heeft verricht om u te informeren over de corona crisis.Gerard beleeft het meeste plezier aan een donatie voor de dierenopvang naar zijn keuze de ACAMA 43 in de Haute Loire.De ACMA 43 werd in mei 2006 opgericht op initiatief van leerlingen van een SEGPA-klas in het collège du Lignon in 43.Sinds de oprichting hebben ze veel dieren, honden, katten, paarden, koeien, varkens, schapen, geiten, ezels, konijnen, kippen, ganzen, eenden, gerbils, goudvissen en wilde dieren geholpen in samenwerking met de ONCFS.De vereniging bestaat alleen uit vrijwilligers en herbergt momenteel 19 paarden, 2 ezels, 4 varkens, 7 geiten, 2 koeien, 2 schapen, 19 honden, 15 katten en 16 eenden, ondergebracht in de vereniging of in gastgezinnen.De dieren die worden opgenomen zijn vaak het resultaat van een gerechtelijke procedure en zijn door de rechtbank aan de vereniging overgedragen, of zijn gewond geraakt en aan de vereniging overgedragen om voor hen te zorgen omdat ze hun eigenaars niet hebben kunnen vinden, of zijn direct door hun eigenaars aan de vereniging in de steek gelaten.Elke dag doen alle vrijwilligers hun best om voor deze verlaten mensen te zorgen, voor hen te zorgen, hen te voeden en te proberen een familie te vinden om hun leven in een beter daglicht te stellen.Doe Gerard een plezier en steun ACAMA 43 met een gulle donatie.Met slechts één klik kun je ACAMA 43 ondersteunen* donaties welkom ongeacht het bedrag* Alle betalingen bij zij 100% veilig en transparant!Hartelijke dank voor uw gulle gaven.Met vriendelijke groetJeannette van TrierPaul Subelack



Transforming Waste Through Education and Empowerment in Malawi

Transforming Waste Through Education and Empowerment in Malawi

ICCM is Creating Opportunity, Protecting People and the Environment, by Reducing Waste ICCM is a Malawian based social enterprise dedicated to tackling the unceasing issue of waste and our aim is to not only protect the environment but also the people who live in it.Our main focus is educating the community with our ‘Reduction, Reuse and Recycle’ strategy but we also implement waste management best practise, waste collection and commercial consultation. We rely heavily on our amazing volunteers and this allows us to pour any revenue into our projects and programmes but in order to spread our message further we require more funding to employ talented and dedicated individuals with the skills to take this enterprise further. We have already provided education programmes to schools, expanded our commercial waste collection to over 30 businesses and funded community workers in starting their own eco-friendly businesses but with your help we could do so much more! Your donations will help to preserve the undisputed natural beauty of the area, reduce respiratory disease in adults and children and allow us to help communities thrive where poverty is rife. As COVID 19 is closing in on Malawi Duty of Care to our waste collection workers is key, this money will be prioritised to ensure our team have the correct PPE to start. All other donations will be used to build the capacity of communities to manage waste to improve their health, livelihoods and environment. THANK YOU ............................................................................................................................... Our vision is to create and maintain a healthy environment by reducing pollution and the damage caused by unregulated waste disposal. Our waste ‘Reduction, Reuse and Recycling’ strategy is imperative to support this goal. In the 4 years ICCM has been operating we have documented evidence-based research, secured income streams from waste collection and waste reduction business services. We provide commercial consultation/advice and deliver school programmes on environmental and waste management best practice. We support commercial activity and education in the community which helps relieve poverty and improves positive ideas/behavioural change.We currently rely heavily on volunteers due to limited funding, but as we expand our aim is to identify new sources of revenue which will enable is to become self-funding, allowing us to employ talented and committed individuals who share our values. Studies clearly document the negative effect that poor waste management has on the health and wellbeing of communities in Malawi. Broad environmental issues include water,soil and air pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from uncontrolled open waste sites and associated transportation. UN-Habitat (2010) reports that prevalence rates of acute respiratory infections among children living in households where garbage is burned in the yard can be six times higher compared to houses where waste is collected regularly.Our team work to transform waste into a resource, creating economic incentives as social drivers to behaviour change. Our achievements up to date include:• Environmental waste management (re-use & recycle) best practice education to students in both government and private schools.• Training and supported development of the skill-sets of ICCM employees and volunteers.• Supported Clement Kandodo, a former ICCM volunteer in setting up his own successful environmentally friendly biogas company.• Increased the skills of practical innovators enabling them to become productive environmental designers and teachers.• Engaged with over 30 organisations & businesses promoting environmental best practice and compliant waste collection services.• Created a platform for waste stakeholders to discuss key issues for knowledge sharing, efficient waste management and waste innovations.• Secured a ‘Letter of Support’ from Environmental Affairs Department (Malawi Government) to setup waste collection in the Capital City of Lilongwe. ICCM need financial support to deliver an increasing number of vital educational activities and projects. This will enable us to hold and regularly deliver waste educational waste management events, youth panel meetings, entrepreneurship events and activities to promote ethical waste management practice. Equally we are committed to supporting waste innovators with the provision of design knowledge, tools and equipment to enable them to generate income from agri-waste and eco-waste derived product or solution sales. If you would like to help us make a real difference - where it is desperately needed by making a donation, you can be assured that every contribution, no matter how large or small will be appreciated and be used effectively to Create Opportunity, Protect People and the Environment by Reducing Waste. Thanks again



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