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L'HEURE VIDE HUMANITAIRE - Venezuelan refugees

While travelling through South America by car we crossed the border of Ecuador and Colombia in Rumichaca. There we saw so many Venezuelan refugees in such great misery without the help they needed, that we decided to stay. We started this NGO, and have been working together succesfully with local and international organizations to give them the help they need. Please visit us at: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L'HEURE VIDE humanitaire L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire is a small network-based NGO focused on short-term projects in emergency situations involving refugee issues worldwide. Our approach is to assist existing humanitarian aid structures and local associations and to supplement them when their opportunities to act are limited or restraint.Our aim is not to direct or to implement.We are there to help. This approach ensures that we can focus on what is needed on the ground and in the now to fill the gaps in aid left by big organizational structures and complex international policy. As a small and nimble organization, we are not limited by bureaucracy or massive overhead.This allows us to concentrate our efforts where we excel: organizing the available resources in a hands-on, creative way to produce tangible results quickly and effectively. Sofie Sleumer and Michel MulderFoundersEn voyageant à travers l’Amérique du Sud en voiture, nous avons traversé la frontière de l’Équateur et de la Colombie à Rumichaca. Ici, nous avons vu beaucoup de réfugiés vénézuéliens vivant dans une telle misère que nous avons décidé de rester. Nous avons donc lancé cette ONG et nous collaborons avec succès avec des organisations locales et internationales pour donner à ces réfugiés l’aide dont ils ont besoin. Voici notre site web: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire est une petite ONG dédiée aux projets à court terme impliquant des réfugiés dans le monde entier. Notre approche consiste non seulement à aider les structures d’aide humanitaire existantes et les associations locales mais également à les suppléer lorsque leurs possibilités d’agir sont restreintes. Autrement dit, notre but n’est pas de diriger ou de mettre en œuvre: Nous sommes là pour aider. Cette approche nous permet de nous concentrer sur ce qui est nécessaire sur le terrain et dans le présent pour pallier aux limites l’aide accordée par les grandes structures organisationnelles et les complexes politiques internationales. Pour cause, en tant que petite organisation agile, nous ne sommes pas contraints par la bureaucratie ou les frais généraux massifs. Cela nous permet de concentrer nos efforts là où nous excellons, à savoir l’organisation de ressources disponibles de façon pratique et créative pour produire des résultats tangibles rapidement et efficacement. Sofie Sleumer et Michel MulderFondateurs

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Help fund a cochlear implant surgery for 18 month old baby

Raising a funding campaign as I came across the story of Marc Alexander, 18 month baby boy born in Haiti and diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). Long story short, Haiti does not have the proper medical infrastructure and the government support to help this little boy get a cochlear implant surgery that would give him the ability to hear and speak. The longer he waits to get the implant, the more irreversible speech and development delay will occur. This would cost USD 30,000 including a trip abroad to get the surgery done (I myself have done research for my daughter and no kidding, it really cost that much). I spoke to his mother who didn't know what to do and who to turn to, and I felt the need to help them. As a French national and a Hong Kong resident , and as a mother of a 6 months deaf baby myself, my family is fortunate enough to have access to the best-in-class health support, excellent medical care and infrastructure ...and this is all (or almost) FREE!! We tend to forget how lucky we are. This little boy does not share our luck.Please take some time to read his story, DONATE and SHARE THIS POST to help him get access to a cochlear implant surgery, this amazing, life changing technology that will give him back the gift of hearing and speech.Carine Story of Marc Alexandre: Hello everyone. We are Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty, parents of 18 months old Marc-Alexandre. We live Haiti, one of the most under-developed country in the world.We suspected the deafness of our son when he was 2 months and a half, as he was not reacting to sound. Due to lack of medical resources and infrastructure in Haiti, we were unable to obtain a diagnosis right away. When Marc-Alexandre turned 12 months old, we had been recommended to have him checked out in Republic Dominican. Without a second of hesitation, we took out all of our savings and bought a flight for the 3 of us to go meet an ENT specialist there. The results were devastating: Marc-Alexandre was diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). We were not sure what to do or where to turn. We do not know if he would ever say, "I love you Mommy and Daddy." We have prayed for a happy, productive life for Marc-Alexander, and we want him to go to school and someday graduate from university to pursue a career and a life that he chooses.The ENT was adamant that our son needed cochlear implants; Implanting Marc will give him access to sound which will provide him with the only chance of age-appropriate speech and language development. This will provide him the opportunity to a better education and independent employment as an adult in the future. If not implanted, it may lead to permanent changes in the auditory cortex in the brain which may make it impossible to benefit from a cochlear implant or any form of hearing restoration surgery in the future. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. The signals are generated by the implant and are sent passed the auditory nerve to the brain where the signals are recognised as sounds. However, the cochlear implants will cost USD$30,000 as we do not have insurance and there is no government social subsidy or help of any kind. We are raising money to pay for medical expenses including surgery, cochlear implant device, and a trip abroad for the surgery.Marc is growing up and as his parents; we know we have to do something. The only future for our son is to hear with cochlear implants. Just like everyone else, we want to give him the best possible future there is.Life is so precious and this innocent boy who deserves the right to live normally. In advance, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your incredible moral and financial support. Thank you for helping us change the life of our child. Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty

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Marco & Thijs - Bike4Kika

All, This summer (4th August) myself and my son Thijs will be biking ~1000km from Oberrieden, Switzerland to Schagen, the Netherlands. We will be following the river Rhein all the way to the Netherlands. We aim to complete the bike tour in 10 days. We are doing this to raise money for child cancer research. Reason we are doing this is that a little over a year Thijs’s grandad passed away from cancer. I also had cancer and was lucky enough to survive, as such we want to do what we can to help other people that have cancer. Every little bit helps. All the money donated will go 100% to KIKA, which has been set up in 2002 to fund innovative research for Child Cancer. Treatments have significantly improved but still 1 in 4 children, diagnosed with cancer dies. The charity’s aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer from 75% to 95% by 2025. They aim to do this by funding scientific research, improving treatments (less pain, higher cure rate and improved quality of life), concentrating expertise and treatment for children to accelerate experience. We hope you want to support with us this cause as no one especially not a child, should have to die from cancer. Thank you!Thijs & Marco

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Fatemeh's tuition fee

Hello I am Fatima from Iran, a 3rd year pharmacy student at Semmelweis University. Unfortunately I lost my father which was our family's main income provider and with this pandemic situation everything went out of control and my mother can not support me financially anymore. We are suddenly unable to provide the additional funds I'll need for finishing my studies abroad. I am devastated and helpless and am using my last option to fulfill my career. It is my sincere wish to attend university this fall and that is in jeopardy now.Your help and support would mean a world to me and it would change my life completely.Thank youFatemeh

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Versions: Anglaise, Allemande, Française et Italienne ci-dessousHello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can help to contribute to the recognition of the exceptional engagement of our Swiss hospitals care workers during the Coronavirus (COVID 19 ) crisis The money will be allocated on the prorata of number of beds of each hospital in Switzerland. The money will be transfered to the HR depatment of each hospital. The HR departmentwill redistribute the money as a bonus to all care workers.A receipt will be sent to each donor to be deducted on the next tax return. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you! Hallo Madame, Sir & willkommen in diesem Geldtopf!Mit nur einem Klick können Sie dazu beitragen, dass das aussergewöhnliche Engagement unserer Schweizer Spitalbetreuer während der Coronavirus-Krise (COVID 19 ) anerkannt wird.Das Geld wird auf die anteilige Bettenzahl der einzelnen Spitäler in der Schweiz verteilt.Das Geld wird an die Personalabteilung jedes Spitals überwiesen. Die Personalabteilungwird das Geld als Bonus an alle Pflegekräfte umverteilen.Geben Sie, wie viel Sie wollenJeder Spender erhält eine Quittung, die bei der nächsten Steuererklärung abgezogen wird.Alle Zahlungen sind 100% sicherWarum Es ist einfach und transparent!Vielen Dank! Bonjour Madame, Monsieur & bienvenue dans cette levée de fond !En un seul clic, vous pouvez contribuer à la reconnaissance de l'engagement exceptionnel du personnel soignant de nos hôpitaux suisses durant de la crise du Coronavirus (COVID 19 )L'argent sera alloué au prorata du nombre de lits de chaque hôpital en Suisse.L'argent sera transféré au département des ressources humaines de chaque hôpital. Ce département redistribuera l'argent sous forme de prime à tout personnel soignantDonnez le montant que vous souhaitezUn reçu sera envoyé à chaque donateur à déduire sur la prochaine déclaration dîmpôts.Tous les paiements sont 100% sécurisésPourquoi ? C'est facile et transparent !Vous recevrez un reçu pour la déduction de votre future taxe Gentile Signora, Egregio Signore,Benvenuti in questa raccolta di fondi.Con un solo clic potete contribuire al riconoscimento dell'eccezionale impegno che gli operatori sanitari dei nostri ospedali svizzeri stanno facendo durante questa crisi del Coronavirus (COVID 19 ).La donazione totale sarà assegnata in base al numero di letti in ogni ospedale in Svizzera.I soldi saranno trasferiti al reparto delle Risorse Umane di ogni ospedale. Le vostre donazioni verranno poi ridistribuite come bonus a tutti gli operatori sanitari.Date quello che potete, ogni gesto è importante.Una ricevuta sarà mandata ad ogni persona che farà un dono per permetterle di deddure questo importo dalla prossima dichiarazione fiscale. Tutti i pagamenti sono sicuri al 100%Perché È facile e trasparente!Grazie!

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Comment je m'appelle déjà ?

Comment je m'appelle déjà ?

Comment je m'appelle déjà ? - Court MétrageBonjour à toutes et à tous, Nous sommes trois étudiants aspirant à devenir réalisateurs et scénaristes, et dans le but de réaliser le court-métrage qui sonnera la fin de nos trois années de licence à l'Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, nous avons besoin de votre aide !Ce court-métrage est adapté d'un scénario qui a remporté le 1er prix du concours d'écriture de scénario dans le cadre du Festival du Film Court d'Angoulême. C'est un projet qui nous tient beaucoup à coeur, et que nous voudrions voir dépasser l'enceinte de la fac pour le diffuser à plus grande échelle, et en faire profiter le plus de monde possible. Maintenant, passons au vif du sujet : de quoi ça parle ?Le titre a pu déjà vous révéler une partie de la réponse, mais voici quand même le pitch : Amaury, un jeune homme lunaire, a complètement oublié son prénom. Une quête innatendue démarre alors pour lui, l'amenant jusqu'à découvrir qui il est vraiment.Nous aimerions réaliser ce projet dans les meilleures conditions possibles, accéder aux lieux que nous avons en tête et utiliser le matériel optimal pour mettre en scène notre vision du film. N'hésitez pas à participer, toute somme est la bienvenue ! Et nous aurons le plaisir d'inscrire votre nom au générique de notre court-métrage :)Merci beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de vous intéresser à notre projet ! À très vite,Sofian Chouaib, Alma Barousse et Guillaume Mahieu



Projet écologique

Projet écologique

Bienvenue sur cette cagnotte solidaire!Mesdames, Messieurs, laissez-nous vous présenter notre projet et ce pourquoi nous vous demandons de nous aider.Actuellement en terminale à Saint Erembert, nous organisons un projet écologique durant une semaine (du 9 au 17 juillet) lors de nos vacances d’été. Nous sommes un groupe de 10 jeunes : Agathe Desplanques, Evariste Darpas, Eva Parcinovic, Benjamin Victor, Elisa Oboeuf, Thomas Wozniak, Paolina Costantini, Vincent Tréboit, Hugo Vandamn et Lucas Rochelle. Notre projet écologique nous anime depuis le début de l’année.Nous avons rencontré une association, Blutopia, qui propose des projets concrets et à portée de main pour protéger l’océan. Leurs propositions pour nous impliquer dans la protection de notre planète nous ont beaucoup plu. En tant que bénévoles pour l’association, nous nous sommes alors engagés pour créer une vidéo de sensibilisation sur la pollution des océans, ramasser les déchets sur les plages de la Rochelle, coudre des sacs en tissus et organiser par la suite des projections ou documentaires sur l’association.Nous allons loger dans une auberge de jeunesse durant une semaine et aider l’association à la Rochelle. Or, ce projet qui nous porte beaucoup à cœur a évidemment un coût. Soit, en comptant les trajets, nos repas et notre logement, environ 3400 euros. Malgré la période de confinement nous avons tous pu récolter un peu d’argent grâce à de l'aide aux devoirs, des baby-sittings, de l’entretien de jardin ou bien encore de l’aide dans les marchés. Mais cela n’est pas suffisant. Aujourd’hui, nous manquons de moyens pour mener à bien les objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés. Nous avons déja réussi à récupérer 700 euros mais il nous reste encore 2700 euros a récolter pour pouvoir réaliser notre projet. Notre engagement trouvant ses limites dans le financement de nos projets, nous sollicitons aujourd'hui votre aide, usagers de la plateforme leetchie pour nous aider à realiser notre projets.Si vous voulez suivre notre aventure en direct, n'hésitez pas à ajouter le compte instagram du projet blutopia_project.En vous remerciant par avance de toute l'attention que vous donnez à notre projet, nous vous prions de croire, Madame, Monsieur, à nos respectueuses salutations.Agathe, Evariste, Eva, Benjamin, Elisa, Thomas, Paolina, Vincent, Hugo et Lucas



Traversée de la Corse 2021 - Soutiens @CommelesAutres !

Traversée de la Corse 2021 - Soutiens @CommelesAutres !

**FRENCH**Bienvenue sur la cagnotte en ligne de @touspour1 !On a besoin de vous! Notre groupe de 4 se challenge en relevant le défi sportif de traverser la Corse du Nord au Sud en 10 jours. 180 km de caillasses, éboulis et terrains accidentés sur les traces du mythique GR20, pour un dénivelé positif >10.000m !Nous marcherons dans le but de soutenir l'Association @Comme les Autres, dévouée à la réinsertion personnelle et professionnelle des personnes handicapées moteurs. L'association propose un accompagnement social dynamisé par le sport et les sensations fortes aux personnes devenues handicapées moteur après un accident ( pouvez nous retrouver sur nos réseaux où l'on partagera nos entrainements, notre préparation, et où vous pourrez nous suivre pendant notre épopée! On communiquera également avec vous via ces canaux:* Instagram: @_tous_pour1 (* Facebook: @tous pour 1 ( compte sur vous pour nous soutenir dans ce projet caritatif, votre aide est précieuse! Merci du fond du coeur, pour eux Jerem Dima Mat Max**Leetchi est une plateforme de crowfunding sécurisée****ENGLISH**Welcome to the crowfunding page of @touspour1 !We need your help! Our group of 4 intends to hike across Corsica, an island located in South of France, from North to South in less than 10 days. 180km (120miles) of gravel, scree and rugged terrain on the track of the legendary GR20, for a total elevation >10,000m (6,000miles) !The hiking challenge comes together with a charity action, which we care deeply: we are raising funds for the Charity @Comme les Autres, dedicated to the personal and professional reintegration of people with motor disabilities. It offers social support facilitated by sport and outdoor activities to people who have become physically disabled after an accident. ( can find us on our different social media where we will share our trainings, preparation, and where you will be able to follow us through our journey! We will communicate with you on these channels too:* Instagram: @_tous_pour1 (* Facebook: @tous pour 1 ( count on your support to help us achieving our goal A big thank you, for them Jerem Dima Mat Max**Leetchi is a secured crowfunding platform**



Refugee & Asylum Communities Greece/Turkey Border

Refugee & Asylum Communities Greece/Turkey Border

I would like to draw your attention to the current political situation that has been unfolding in Greece over the past number of years but has now reached a critical point in recent weeks. Horrendous images are emerging from the Greek/Turkish border and from the Island of Lesvos, Samos and Chios in Greece. In what appears to be the beginning of the collapse of the contentious EU-Turkey deal, last week Turkey opened its land borders whilst Greece has been rebuilt and re-enforced it's land and sea borders with direct and dire consequences for asylum-seeking communities who are now camping out alongside the border buffer zone at Greece's’ land border, a gateway to Europe. The 2016 Turkey-European Union agreement obliges Ankara to stop migrants from crossing the Aegean in exchange for financial supports.In November 2019, the Greek government announced that it was shutting down its “open” refugee camps on the Islands in order to establish “closed” detention camps. Conditions in the camps on the islands have proven to be deadly. The Moria camp with an original holding capacity of 3000, now holds a figure closer to 30,000 with inhumane conditions and a call from the UNHCR for a complete evacuation of the camp with Lesvos being described as “a floating prison” or “Europe’s Guantanamo Bay” as the Mayor of Lesvos has described it.These vulnerable communities are being used as political pawns as Turkey flexes its muscles and demonstrates a clear political message to the European Union. Reports from NGOS’s and volunteer organisations are flooding social media, stating excessive and disproportionate force is being used with Refugee/Asylum/Migrant communities and NGO organisations at the land and sea borders. Violent clashes and tensions are surmounting between Golden Dawn fascists, Greek locals, Refugee communities, NGOs, and volunteers. These tensions have triggered the closure of frontline refugee services.The Greek government has now suspended all asylum seeker applications for the month of March. A move is which is unprecedented and illegal. The criminalisation of these vulnerable communities in the name of “preserving” the European Union is nothing short of barbaric with border control measures now including shooting at rubber dinghies as they attempt to cross the seas (video footage included). I will be travelling to Greece for an extended period to work in solidarity and in partnership with several astute grassroots organisations working with Refugee/Asylum/Migrant communities in Athens and on the islands. I will be developing and delivering educational programmes with Refugee/Asylum/Migrant communities in Greece. Any funds raised; I would like to split between Lesvos with the work I will be doing with a community integration educational programme based in Athens.To keep up to date with what is going on, I recommend the following social media sites “The Aegean Sea Report” on Facebook, and “RefuComm” again on Facebook. Both groups are well established and have access to a variety of resources, sources and updates which are quite accurate. Funds raised will go towards medical supplies, blankets, food, sleeping bags, classroom necessities, whiteboard, printer, and school bags. An extended thank you to those that supported the last fundraiser for Refugee/Asylum/Migrant communities in Paris. The funds raised went towards some sleeping bags, pairs of shoes and food meals for over 100 minors. SourcesCaoimhe Butterly: Inside the refugee camp (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).Greece on the defensive as Turkey opens border to refugees News Al Jazeera (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).Greece to replace overcrowded refugee camps with closed detention centres Euronews (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).New request for state of emergency on Lesvos, Chios, Samos News (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).The EU-Turkey Deal: Explained (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).UNHCR - UNHCR statement on the situation at the Turkey-EU border (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 3 March 2020).



Nilkantha Secondary Boarding School

Nilkantha Secondary Boarding School

Dear friends, colleagues, clients and to all the followers of this beautiful project,For 28 years, the "Nilkantha Secondary Boarding school" has welcomed students into its classes and orphanage, and accompanied them until they pass their exams with success. The principal of the school, Kumari Lama, is a brave woman that has heart and who has been leading the school through many hardships including the 2015 earthquake and now, the Covid 19 pandemic. Following the recent class closures decided by the Nepalese government, we have set up online courses but only 50% of the pupils have access to it, the others having no smartphones or computers and no means to buy them.On June 20, 2021, we decided to draw up a list of the poorest students in the school who do not have access to online courses and who have returned to the hills and villages without being able to continue their studies. All students on this list will receive a free telephone and an internet subscription for the duration of their isolation. The royalties from our books published by the Editions du Moniteur allow us to finance some of the smartphones needed for this project and the most needy students have already received them. In order to be able to provide phones to them all, we need your help. If you are friends from Nepal, if you know the school or if this project touches you, you can contribute and give these children a future.We will keep you informed of the highlights of this project and we will share with you the immense joy of the students and their families.Thanking you in advance on behalf of them !********************************************************************************************************Chers amis, collègues, clients et à tous ceux qui suivent ce beau projet,Depuis 28 ans, la « Nilkantha Secondary Boarding school » accueille dans ses classes et son orphelinat des élèves qu’elle accompagne jusqu’à la réussite des examens. La directrice de l’école, Kumari Lama, est une femme de cœur et de courage. Ainsi, l’école a traversé de nombreuses épreuves parmi lesquelles le séisme de 2015 et maintenant, l’épidémie de Covid 19. Suite aux fermetures de classes décidées par le gouvernement Népalais, nous avons mis en place des cours en ligne mais seul 50 % des élèves y ont accès, les autres n’ayant pas de smartphones ni d’ordinateurs et aucun moyens pour en acheter.Le 20 juin 2021, nous décidons d’établir une liste des élèves les plus pauvres de l’école qui n’ont pas d’accès aux cours en ligne et qui sont repartis dans les collines et les villages sans pouvoir poursuivre leurs études. Tous les élèves de cette liste recevront un téléphone gratuit ainsi qu’un abonnement internet pour la durée de leur isolement. Les droits d’auteur de nos ouvrages publiés aux éditions du Moniteur nous permettent de financer une partie des smartphones nécessaires à ce projet et les élèves les plus nécessiteux les ont déjà reçus. Pour pouvoir fournir des téléphones à tous sans exception, nous avons besoin de votre aide. Si vous êtes amis du Népal, si vous connaissez l’école ou si ce projet vous touche, vous pouvez y contribuer et donner à ces enfants un avenir.Nous vous tiendrons informés des moments forts de ce projet et nous partagerons avec vous la joie immense des élèves et de leurs familles.Merci d’avance pour eux !



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