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L'HEURE VIDE HUMANITAIRE - Venezuelan refugees

While travelling through South America by car we crossed the border of Ecuador and Colombia in Rumichaca. There we saw so many Venezuelan refugees in such great misery without the help they needed, that we decided to stay. We started this NGO, and have been working together succesfully with local and international organizations to give them the help they need. Please visit us at: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L'HEURE VIDE humanitaire L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire is a small network-based NGO focused on short-term projects in emergency situations involving refugee issues worldwide. Our approach is to assist existing humanitarian aid structures and local associations and to supplement them when their opportunities to act are limited or restraint.Our aim is not to direct or to implement.We are there to help. This approach ensures that we can focus on what is needed on the ground and in the now to fill the gaps in aid left by big organizational structures and complex international policy. As a small and nimble organization, we are not limited by bureaucracy or massive overhead.This allows us to concentrate our efforts where we excel: organizing the available resources in a hands-on, creative way to produce tangible results quickly and effectively. Sofie Sleumer and Michel MulderFoundersEn voyageant à travers l’Amérique du Sud en voiture, nous avons traversé la frontière de l’Équateur et de la Colombie à Rumichaca. Ici, nous avons vu beaucoup de réfugiés vénézuéliens vivant dans une telle misère que nous avons décidé de rester. Nous avons donc lancé cette ONG et nous collaborons avec succès avec des organisations locales et internationales pour donner à ces réfugiés l’aide dont ils ont besoin. Voici notre site web: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire est une petite ONG dédiée aux projets à court terme impliquant des réfugiés dans le monde entier. Notre approche consiste non seulement à aider les structures d’aide humanitaire existantes et les associations locales mais également à les suppléer lorsque leurs possibilités d’agir sont restreintes. Autrement dit, notre but n’est pas de diriger ou de mettre en œuvre: Nous sommes là pour aider. Cette approche nous permet de nous concentrer sur ce qui est nécessaire sur le terrain et dans le présent pour pallier aux limites l’aide accordée par les grandes structures organisationnelles et les complexes politiques internationales. Pour cause, en tant que petite organisation agile, nous ne sommes pas contraints par la bureaucratie ou les frais généraux massifs. Cela nous permet de concentrer nos efforts là où nous excellons, à savoir l’organisation de ressources disponibles de façon pratique et créative pour produire des résultats tangibles rapidement et efficacement. Sofie Sleumer et Michel MulderFondateurs

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We are Furloughed Foodies London. We’re on a mission to help feed the NHS💙 Why we exist:We are a group of people that have recently been furloughed or let go from our employment due to the current global crisis. Instead of bingeing on Netflix over the next few months while we’re all stuck at home, we wanted to help our #NHSheroes and the community. After speaking to some NHS workers about how we could help we realised two things: 1. doctors are receiving lots of cakes and unhealthy snacks 🍰, which is not great brain food for those on the front line. What they need and lack is healthy, hearty meals 🥘. 2. Canteens in most hospitals shut at 5 pm and staff working in the Covid-19 wards aren’t allowed in other areas of the hospital. This means staff really struggle for options when it comes to evening meals. Want to help? You can...💰 Donate money (on this page) 👨‍🍳 Cook food🚗 Deliver foodPlease register on our website

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The ARC Centre

Raising money to help The ARC Centre through Covid-19.The ARC Centre is a unique animal education centre based at Greenvale Primary School. We offer weekly classes to 2-18 year olds as well as school trips, 1:1 sessions, birthday parties and experiences! Due to Covid-19, The ARC Centre has had to shut it's doors. For us, it's not as simple as closing shop and waiting for this to pass. We have to care for all of our residents and make sure that their lives are unaffected by the loss of business. Our business may have stopped, but food, bedding, vet bills and electricity usage can't. We are therefore asking you to please donate to help us care for our animals. We so desperately want to be able to have a centre for all of our Rangers to return to at the end of this and won't be able to if we cannot make it through. Thank you in advance,Ranger Louise and Ranger Iain.

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Marco & Thijs - Bike4Kika

All, This summer (4th August) myself and my son Thijs will be biking ~1000km from Oberrieden, Switzerland to Schagen, the Netherlands. We will be following the river Rhein all the way to the Netherlands. We aim to complete the bike tour in 10 days. We are doing this to raise money for child cancer research. Reason we are doing this is that a little over a year Thijs’s grandad passed away from cancer. I also had cancer and was lucky enough to survive, as such we want to do what we can to help other people that have cancer. Every little bit helps. All the money donated will go 100% to KIKA, which has been set up in 2002 to fund innovative research for Child Cancer. Treatments have significantly improved but still 1 in 4 children, diagnosed with cancer dies. The charity’s aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer from 75% to 95% by 2025. They aim to do this by funding scientific research, improving treatments (less pain, higher cure rate and improved quality of life), concentrating expertise and treatment for children to accelerate experience. We hope you want to support with us this cause as no one especially not a child, should have to die from cancer. Thank you!Thijs & Marco

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Fatemeh's tuition fee

Hello I am Fatima from Iran, a 3rd year pharmacy student at Semmelweis University. Unfortunately I lost my father which was our family's main income provider and with this pandemic situation everything went out of control and my mother can not support me financially anymore. We are suddenly unable to provide the additional funds I'll need for finishing my studies abroad. I am devastated and helpless and am using my last option to fulfill my career. It is my sincere wish to attend university this fall and that is in jeopardy now.Your help and support would mean a world to me and it would change my life completely.Thank youFatemeh

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Coup de projecteur sur le rugby Togolais

Coup de projecteur sur le rugby Togolais

Bonjour à tous,   A trois copains, nous nous lançons dans un super projet et nous avons besoin de votre aide !   Le 5 avril prochain, nous allons courir le Marathon de Paris 2020 afin de lever le maximum de fonds pour Togo en Mêlées.   Tous les trois joueurs et passionnés de rugby, nous avons grandi et nous sommes construit autour des valeurs de ce sport. Cela n’aurait pas pu être possible sans l’engagement de dizaines de bénévoles tous les week-ends pour nous transmettre leur passion. Nous avons donc à cœur de rendre ce que nous avons reçu.   Nous nous sommes tournés vers l’association Terres en Mêlées qui a pour but de promouvoir le rugby dans les pays en développement. Avec l’aide de leur filiale Togo en Mêlées, nous avons monté un projet au Togo où le rugby est en train de devenir un sport très populaire mais aussi un vecteur de cohésion sociale et d’éducation.   Ce projet comporte deux étapes.   -              La première est une levée de fonds afin de financer l’équipement complet d’un terrain (comprenant une installation électrique pour l'éclairage) qui permettra à de nombreux clubs de la région de s’entraîner de jour comme de nuit. L’électricité utilisée pour éclairer le terrain proviendra de l’énergie solaire et sera donc 100% verte et renouvelable.    -              La seconde est un voyage sur place qui nous permettra de suivre l’avancement du projet, d’amener du matériel (maillots, ballons, chasubles…) et d’animer des séances d’entrainements pour des jeunes joueurs locaux.     Le budget total nécessaire est de 5000 euros et l'integralité de la somme recoltée sera investie dans ce projet.      Nous comptons donc sur votre soutien pour nous aider à atteindre cet objectif. Chaque euro récolté sera utile donc n’hésitez pas !     Rugbystiquement,    Vincent, Paul et Lucas



Team North for Jigsaw

Team North for Jigsaw

Team North, We hope. that you are all doing well and are getting ready for the final 8 days in July! How time flies when you're having fun. As you will all have seen in your calendars we have allocated time on Friday to recharge for the final week, take a step back and come together as a team whilst supporting an amazing charity that needs our support. As a team we have decided that we are going to donate the funds of our collective walk to the charity Jigsaw;Jigsaw's mission is to advance the mental health of young people in Ireland by influencing change, strengthening communities and delivering services through our evidence-informed, early intervention approach.To achieve this, we are working with dedicated, compassionate and highly experienced people across a range of disciplines. Our teams across Ireland are delivering high quality, impactful work, helping us realise an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.We will all join the hangout at 2.45PM Irish time, where we will learn more about Jigsaw and the amazing work that they do. After this at 3PM we will all take an hour for a walk together. As Sonja mentioned in the whatsapp already, we will be walking together, and please feel free to have your walking companions join in. For those of you who are close together it's a great opportunity to meet up! At 4PM let's all get back together on the hangout to close of the week with all of Team North together. What to do now:- FInd your walking boots- Read up on Jigsaw- Sign up via the link to log your volunteer hours & donate to Jigsaw We cannot wait to see you all on Friday!



Help me pay Paul Anka's cruciate surgery (CCL)

Help me pay Paul Anka's cruciate surgery (CCL)

Paul Anka is 6 and a half years old, likes to eat apples, and brings random objects from the house to greet you when you get home (like the basket in the picture). He also cuddles you all the time and is scared of cats. Over the past week he started to howl in pain each time he tried to walk and slowly stopped eating and being active. After three different trips to the vet we were told he had tore his ACL and requires inmediate surgery and post-surgical physical therapy to walk again. It's a long and expensive process. The COVID-19 pandemic has left me without a stable income, and my mother, who currently is the one living with Paul Anka, is in a very precarious financial situation aswell. We already put the last of our savings into the three trips to the vet (X-rays, pain meds and monotoring). I am desesperate and hopeless. I am currently in a different country than him and I'm working in three different jobs (dance classes, waitressing and costumer service) to push trough myself and I'm unable to travel back and lose work. I am ashamed and scared of not being able to currently provide for his medical needs. I cannot describe with words how much I love this dog and how much family he is to us. Please help us get him healthy again.The goal (1475) would pay for his surgery, stay at the vet and initial pain meds. We have already covered the previous visits to the vet and will be sure to cover his physical therapy afterwards (currently selling loads of our belongings and trying to save up).



Daily wage working families in Iran need help during COVID-19 outbreak

Daily wage working families in Iran need help during COVID-19 outbreak

Amid the shock, pain and fear of the novel Coronavirus, Iran, one of the most affected countries by the virus, has also been suffering from crippling American and international sanctions for years. These sanctions have made thousands of local businesses vanish and reversed the previously decreasing rate of poverty in this country, endangering the livelihood of millions of Iranians. On top of the international isolation, Iranian government has been the embodiment of incompetence and discrepant statistics since the beginning of the outbreak by not shutting down pilgrim sites, offices, banks, and not quarantining the city the outbreak started from and even worse than that by mocking the international measures taken to limit the spread and misinformation campaigns on state TV that lead to the public not taking the disease seriously and continue their daily activities. Since millions are daily-waged in Iran, they suffer from biological poverty if they don’t leave home every day. By only 20 euros you can support one whole family to have acceptable quality of nutrition for a few days.We are directly connected to over fifty families and can send your support directly to them so they can supply themselves for one month without needing to work outside. Since the sanctions have made it impossible to send money to Iran, we have used our network of trusted people that are willing to help with the transaction. You can share the joy of getting through the hard times of quarantine by enabling at least one more family in a highly affected part of the world to also be able to stay safe.



DBX/Tr/BR 2500km Lockdown!

DBX/Tr/BR 2500km Lockdown!

Hello everyone & welcome to our joint fundraising money pot!Thank you for your support and your exercise! Dropbox, Transmission and Branch Road - the collective genius behind marketing in EMEA - are going to walk, run, cycle, row, skip, hop and jump from Dublin to London, then to Paris, then to Munich, then finally to Hamburg, covering 2500km, before the end of April!!! We will do this as a team, using our allotted exercise time for outdoor activities, treadmills, pelotons, bikes, X-trainers and many more, to go the distance. We are looking for support from our friends, family, colleagues and everyone we know, to help support charities in need, at this challenging time. For the elderly, for the young, for cancer patients and for those who really need help as a result of the current situation: The UK Team:1 Trussell Trust (foodbanks)2 Age Concern3 NSPCC4 Cancer Research The Irish Team:1. St. James Hospital2. Friends of the Elderly3 ISPCC4 Irish Cancer Society We are spread across 3 countries: Ireland, UK, and even a Branch Roadie in NZ, but we are doing this as a team. Please donate however much you want, every single penny or cent counts. All payments are 100% secure. The team you are sponsoring... Aglaia Ralli, Andy Wilson, Daniel Plume, Emma Samuel, Ellie Berwick-Reynolds, Gillian Murphy, James Keating, Janina Maier, Joel Rispa, John Brogan, Kathy O'Donnell, Kelly Bowen, Miriam Kidane, Nina Cliffe, Rebecca Beaty, Rebecca Lake, Rebecca Roberts, Sam Woodman, Simon Cliffe, Tim Casey, Yoana Dragieva. Thank you very much!



Cagnotte pour aider un jeune étudiant ivoirien, Ahouma Jean-Béden

Cagnotte pour aider un jeune étudiant ivoirien, Ahouma Jean-Béden

Bonjour à tous et à toutes,Je suis sœur Beatrice, j'ai passé 10 ans en tant que responsable des prépas à Sainte Marie de Neuilly, 6 ans en tant que sœur au centre Madeline Danielou et 20 ans à Sainte Marie d'Abidjan. Soeur Danielle est sœur de la communauté SFX depuis 2008 et étudie aujourd'hui la théologie au centre Sèvres.Nous connaissons très bien un jeune garçon, AHouma Jean-Bedel : il a eu le bac à 16 ans dans une petite ville de Cote d'ivoire. Il a beaucoup travaillé et étudie aujourd'hui à Abidjan au CERAP (Centre d'études, de recherche et d'action pour la paix, une des meilleures universités de côte d'ivoire) (site), école jésuite de sciences humaines. Il a fini sa deuxième année de licence avec d'excellents résultats.Cependant, pour pouvoir faire sa troisième année de licence, il a besoin de 300 euros pour s'inscrire de nouveau au CERAP, mais, venant d'une famille modeste qui ne peut assumer cette dépense, il risque de devoir arrêter ses études. Il travaille en parallèle mais ne va pas pouvoir rassembler cette somme en un été.Il aimerait vraiment continuer ses études car il aime ce qu'il fait (sciences de gestion) et c'est un battant. Il aimerait travailler dans le secteur du développement plus tard (ONGs...).Si vous le souhaitez, nous vous proposons de participer au soutien des frais de scolarité pour sa 3ème année de licence à hauteur de vos moyens. Chaque euro le propulse vers sa 3ème année !Merci beaucoup pour votre aide et votre attentionSœurs Beatrice et Danielle



Buongiorno - Edition 2 - first times, taboos & fuck-yous

Buongiorno - Edition 2 - first times, taboos & fuck-yous

Good things come in pairs: say hello to Buongiorno edition 2! You didn't think we were done with edition 1, did you? Our quarterly publication is back with a brand new look! We've listened to your feedback and made sure to implement all of the very constructive criticism we received for edition 1. It's funny how looking back, we are so proud to have released the edition but the result makes us cringe at the same time. Part of the creating process, right? We like to think it's fairly normal and we hope all our previous editions will make us want to hide behind our moms’ skirts so that we are sure we are pushing forward each time. What can I find in this edition? - First times, taboos & fuck-yous First times, taboos, fuck-yous, first times, taboos, fuck-yous, first times, taboos, fuck-yous: for us this year they've been a constant fair ride, one of those that spins around and around in circles and keeps bringing you to new heights if you dare not get off of it. Somehow we feel we keep hopping on it at the fuck-yous station, maybe it seems to be the case just because it’s a very dramatic one that holds the promise of a big change if you dare to act on it, maybe we are just angry people (dark humor, anyone?). And sometimes it's your lucky day, you act on it and, your BIG fuck-you turns into a first time, maybe even breaking a taboo or restrictions you imposed on yourself. Sometimes you are braver and you try new things just for the sake of doing so. You go on solo trips, find a new calling and then leave your job, decide to end a relationship and move on, party like you never did before, leave your boring lover to open yourself up to new forms of pleasure, try street photography for a day, send your neighbors chocolate to apologize... All this and more in our new edition of Buongiorno! Change sometimes comes at a price = we are still figuring this out! After a first fully self-financed edition 0, and an amazing backed first edition, we are still working to figure out the best solution in terms of costs and pricing for our newborn creative newspaper. Yes, you read that right! For this edition, we are exploring a brand new format that we believe is closer to where we see Buongiorno growing in the future. The cost of the newspaper is 13€. It’s indeed a bit expensive for a newspaper, but we feel that it makes a great substitution for those too many drinks that we all end up having on the weekend (or even during the week). Nonetheless, you shouldn’t feel pressured into getting a copy, we won’t take it personally :) For complete transparency, we've decided it'd be interesting to share with all of you the details of this adventure. We'll share fully our day-to-day, lessons learned and financials in a column we’ll be starting soon on our website, so keep an eye on it! Why another Leetchi campaign? As we figure out in the next months where our headquarters will be (Paris? New York? Milan? all of the above?), therefore where to finally register the company, we believed Leetchi was the best way to fuel edition 2 without breaking our quarterly release cycle. Shipping details Make sure to share with us your email, first name, last name, and shipping address in the private message at the end of your Leetchi donation. The platform keeps your information and message completely private. If you are not comfortable sharing this information via private message on Leetchi, make sure to send them to us at buongiornomagazine aaaaaaat gmaiiiiil dooooooot com with the subject "Edition 2 shipping details" (sorry to be so cryptic with the email address, Leetchi doesn't enable us to leave one). Why 'Buongiorno'? 'Buongiorno' means “Good morning/Good day” in Italian, but the way it is pronounced, with its crescendo, gives such an energy boost, we thought it was the best name to embody what we are trying to build. It beams positivity, but also curiosity. Saying hello to strangers or welcoming a new adventure. Buongiorno! But what is it really? A modern diary, raw and unexpected, Buongiorno is a collection of stories about things and people that don’t leave us indifferent, that reveal the beauty that surrounds us, or that simply keep us going. Buongiorno was born from our desire to open personal diaries, old drawers, and secret cabinets, and share what’s in there with the rest of the world. By giving the freedom to explore new forms of expression, Buongiorno wants anyone, from the novice to the master, to explore their inner sunshine without being judged, to embrace vulnerability while playing with creativity. We are excited to give the opportunity to everyone to share an intimate piece of themselves. We want to feature stories that have remained untold, unheard, or unwritten and stuck in their heads. Buongiorno is an invitation to self-exploration, it’s about having fun while daring to be lost along the way. Where to find us? You can connect with us on Instagram (@ heybuongiorno) and on our website (buongiorno dot io)Don't hesitate to ping us at buongiornomagazine aaaaaaat gmaiiiiil dooooooot com - we are always looking for feedback or new contributors. Ciao! Paola Gabriele & Pénélope Romand-Monnier


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3D Printing for Good: Help me to buy a machine for me to learn, build and share projects (eg. prototype healthcare accessories, urgent mask frames etc)

3D Printing for Good: Help me to buy a machine for me to learn, build and share projects (eg. prototype healthcare accessories, urgent mask frames etc)

(Francais plus bas / Castellano abajo. Pictures are samples from other makers to display the possibilities of 3D printing and are not my projects.) ==========================19/04/2020 UPDATED: TARGET IS RAISED FROM 330 TO 480 EUR, to include additional filament, disposable gloves and PVC sheets I need for the face shield manufacturing to help local hospitals and clinics fight the beer flu :-(========================== Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!You know that I support several NGO throughout my time. Some are in the area of 3D printing. These awesome people share their brains, designs and machines for life improvement in challenged resource areas and people in need. During these challenging times, hospitals are asking Pro and amateur 3D printers to collaborate with some of their approved designs, when standard supply cannot deliver eg. mask frames, tubes, etc. I know I can help with my time! But I dont have a printer. I want to spent the following weeks of "Social Distancing" in a useful way, by perfecting my basic knowledge and build useful things in 3D. My current coaching activity is volunteer-based, that's why I cannot afford to buy the printer and some rolls of filament (the raw material) to start on my own. The printer is a low-cost "Ender 3 Pro" valued at 234 EUR, each roll of filament is ~25 EUR. With just 1-click you can support my project. Give however much you want; every euro or dollar brings me closer. I will buy it even if I cannot reach the full 330 EUR I need, and use some emergency savings if needed. Thank you, Hans Bonjour à tous et bienvenue dans ce pot commun!Vous savez que je soutiens plusieurs ONG tout au long de mes activités. Et certaines sont dans le domaine de l'impression 3D. Ces personnes formidables partagent leurs savoir-faire, dessins et machines pour l'amélioration de la vie dans des zones moins favorisées et personnes dans le besoin. Durant ces temps difficiles, les hôpitaux demandent a ceux qui ont des impirmentes 3D, que ce soit por ou amateur, de collaborer avec certains de leurs dessins approuvées, lorsque un approvisionnement standard ne peut pas fournir du materiel necessaire, par exemple des elements permettant de fixer des masque, tubes, etc. Je sais que je peux aider avec mon temps! Mais je n'ai pas d'imprimante. Je veux passer les semaines suivantes du «Social Distancing» de manière utile, en perfectionnant mes connaissances de base et en construisant des choses utiles en 3D. Mon activité de coaching actuelle est bénévole, c'est pourquoi je ne peux pas me permettre d'acheter l'imprimante et quelques rouleaux de filament (la matière première) pour commencer. L'imprimante est une "Ender 3 Pro" low-cost évalué à 234 EUR, chaque rouleau de filament est ~25 EUR. En un seul clic, vous pouvez soutenir mon projet. Donnez autant que vous voulez; chaque euro ou dollar me rapproche du but. Je l'achèterai même si je n'arrive pas à atteindre les 330 euros dont j'ai besoin, et utiliserai des économies d'urgence si nécessaire. Merci, Hans ¡Hola a todos y bienvenidos a esta colecta!Ya saben que apoyo a varias ONG a lo largo de mi tiempo. Algunos están en el área de la impresión 3D. Estas personas increíbles comparten sus conocimientos, diseños y máquinas para mejorar la vida en áreas con pocos recursos y personas necesitadas. Durante estos tiempos complicados, los hospitales piden a los que tienen impresoras 3D, ya sean profesionales o aficionados, que colaboren con algunos de sus diseños aprobados, cuando el suministro estándar no puede entregarles material, por ejemplo. marcos para máscara, tubos, etc. ¡Sé que puedo ayudar con mi tiempo! Pero no tengo una impresora. Quiero pasar las siguientes semanas de "distanciamiento social" de una manera útil, perfeccionando mis conocimientos básicos y construyendo cosas útiles en 3D. Mi actividad de coaching es voluntaria y no remunerada, y no puedo permitirme comprar la impresora y algunos rollos de filamento (la materia prima con la que se hacen esos objetos 3D) para empezar. La impresora es una "Ender 3 Pro" de bajo costo valorada en 234 EUR, cada rollo de filamento es de ~25 EUR. Con solo 1 clic puedes apoyar mi proyecto. Da lo que quieras; cada euro o dólar me acerca más. Lo compraré incluso si no puedo alcanzar los 330 EUR que necesito, y usaré algunos ahorros de emergencia si es necesario. Gracias Hans



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