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L'HEURE VIDE HUMANITAIRE - Venezuelan refugees

While travelling through South America by car we crossed the border of Ecuador and Colombia in Rumichaca. There we saw so many Venezuelan refugees in such great misery without the help they needed, that we decided to stay. We started this NGO, and have been working together succesfully with local and international organizations to give them the help they need. Please visit us at: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L'HEURE VIDE humanitaire L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire is a small network-based NGO focused on short-term projects in emergency situations involving refugee issues worldwide. Our approach is to assist existing humanitarian aid structures and local associations and to supplement them when their opportunities to act are limited or restraint.Our aim is not to direct or to implement.We are there to help. This approach ensures that we can focus on what is needed on the ground and in the now to fill the gaps in aid left by big organizational structures and complex international policy. As a small and nimble organization, we are not limited by bureaucracy or massive overhead.This allows us to concentrate our efforts where we excel: organizing the available resources in a hands-on, creative way to produce tangible results quickly and effectively. Sofie Sleumer and Michel MulderFoundersEn voyageant à travers l’Amérique du Sud en voiture, nous avons traversé la frontière de l’Équateur et de la Colombie à Rumichaca. Ici, nous avons vu beaucoup de réfugiés vénézuéliens vivant dans une telle misère que nous avons décidé de rester. Nous avons donc lancé cette ONG et nous collaborons avec succès avec des organisations locales et internationales pour donner à ces réfugiés l’aide dont ils ont besoin. Voici notre site web: www.lheurevidehumanitaire.orgInstagram: L’HEURE VIDE humanitaire est une petite ONG dédiée aux projets à court terme impliquant des réfugiés dans le monde entier. Notre approche consiste non seulement à aider les structures d’aide humanitaire existantes et les associations locales mais également à les suppléer lorsque leurs possibilités d’agir sont restreintes. Autrement dit, notre but n’est pas de diriger ou de mettre en œuvre: Nous sommes là pour aider. Cette approche nous permet de nous concentrer sur ce qui est nécessaire sur le terrain et dans le présent pour pallier aux limites l’aide accordée par les grandes structures organisationnelles et les complexes politiques internationales. Pour cause, en tant que petite organisation agile, nous ne sommes pas contraints par la bureaucratie ou les frais généraux massifs. Cela nous permet de concentrer nos efforts là où nous excellons, à savoir l’organisation de ressources disponibles de façon pratique et créative pour produire des résultats tangibles rapidement et efficacement. Sofie Sleumer et Michel MulderFondateurs

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The ARC Centre

Raising money to help The ARC Centre through Covid-19.The ARC Centre is a unique animal education centre based at Greenvale Primary School. We offer weekly classes to 2-18 year olds as well as school trips, 1:1 sessions, birthday parties and experiences! Due to Covid-19, The ARC Centre has had to shut it's doors. For us, it's not as simple as closing shop and waiting for this to pass. We have to care for all of our residents and make sure that their lives are unaffected by the loss of business. Our business may have stopped, but food, bedding, vet bills and electricity usage can't. We are therefore asking you to please donate to help us care for our animals. We so desperately want to be able to have a centre for all of our Rangers to return to at the end of this and won't be able to if we cannot make it through. Thank you in advance,Ranger Louise and Ranger Iain.

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Help fund a cochlear implant surgery for 18 month old baby

Raising a funding campaign as I came across the story of Marc Alexander, 18 month baby boy born in Haiti and diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). Long story short, Haiti does not have the proper medical infrastructure and the government support to help this little boy get a cochlear implant surgery that would give him the ability to hear and speak. The longer he waits to get the implant, the more irreversible speech and development delay will occur. This would cost USD 30,000 including a trip abroad to get the surgery done (I myself have done research for my daughter and no kidding, it really cost that much). I spoke to his mother who didn't know what to do and who to turn to, and I felt the need to help them. As a French national and a Hong Kong resident , and as a mother of a 6 months deaf baby myself, my family is fortunate enough to have access to the best-in-class health support, excellent medical care and infrastructure ...and this is all (or almost) FREE!! We tend to forget how lucky we are. This little boy does not share our luck.Please take some time to read his story, DONATE and SHARE THIS POST to help him get access to a cochlear implant surgery, this amazing, life changing technology that will give him back the gift of hearing and speech.Carine Story of Marc Alexandre: Hello everyone. We are Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty, parents of 18 months old Marc-Alexandre. We live Haiti, one of the most under-developed country in the world.We suspected the deafness of our son when he was 2 months and a half, as he was not reacting to sound. Due to lack of medical resources and infrastructure in Haiti, we were unable to obtain a diagnosis right away. When Marc-Alexandre turned 12 months old, we had been recommended to have him checked out in Republic Dominican. Without a second of hesitation, we took out all of our savings and bought a flight for the 3 of us to go meet an ENT specialist there. The results were devastating: Marc-Alexandre was diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). We were not sure what to do or where to turn. We do not know if he would ever say, "I love you Mommy and Daddy." We have prayed for a happy, productive life for Marc-Alexander, and we want him to go to school and someday graduate from university to pursue a career and a life that he chooses.The ENT was adamant that our son needed cochlear implants; Implanting Marc will give him access to sound which will provide him with the only chance of age-appropriate speech and language development. This will provide him the opportunity to a better education and independent employment as an adult in the future. If not implanted, it may lead to permanent changes in the auditory cortex in the brain which may make it impossible to benefit from a cochlear implant or any form of hearing restoration surgery in the future. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. The signals are generated by the implant and are sent passed the auditory nerve to the brain where the signals are recognised as sounds. However, the cochlear implants will cost USD$30,000 as we do not have insurance and there is no government social subsidy or help of any kind. We are raising money to pay for medical expenses including surgery, cochlear implant device, and a trip abroad for the surgery.Marc is growing up and as his parents; we know we have to do something. The only future for our son is to hear with cochlear implants. Just like everyone else, we want to give him the best possible future there is.Life is so precious and this innocent boy who deserves the right to live normally. In advance, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your incredible moral and financial support. Thank you for helping us change the life of our child. Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty

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Marco & Thijs - Bike4Kika

All, This summer (4th August) myself and my son Thijs will be biking ~1000km from Oberrieden, Switzerland to Schagen, the Netherlands. We will be following the river Rhein all the way to the Netherlands. We aim to complete the bike tour in 10 days. We are doing this to raise money for child cancer research. Reason we are doing this is that a little over a year Thijs’s grandad passed away from cancer. I also had cancer and was lucky enough to survive, as such we want to do what we can to help other people that have cancer. Every little bit helps. All the money donated will go 100% to KIKA, which has been set up in 2002 to fund innovative research for Child Cancer. Treatments have significantly improved but still 1 in 4 children, diagnosed with cancer dies. The charity’s aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer from 75% to 95% by 2025. They aim to do this by funding scientific research, improving treatments (less pain, higher cure rate and improved quality of life), concentrating expertise and treatment for children to accelerate experience. We hope you want to support with us this cause as no one especially not a child, should have to die from cancer. Thank you!Thijs & Marco

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Fatemeh's tuition fee

Hello I am Fatima from Iran, a 3rd year pharmacy student at Semmelweis University. Unfortunately I lost my father which was our family's main income provider and with this pandemic situation everything went out of control and my mother can not support me financially anymore. We are suddenly unable to provide the additional funds I'll need for finishing my studies abroad. I am devastated and helpless and am using my last option to fulfill my career. It is my sincere wish to attend university this fall and that is in jeopardy now.Your help and support would mean a world to me and it would change my life completely.Thank youFatemeh

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Une cagnotte pour aider les plus démunis / Raising money to help those most affected by the confinementPOUR QUI? / FOR WHOM?* Le confinement affecte particulièrement durement les plus démunis: les fonds de cette collecte seront directement affectés à parts égales à deux associations qui se mobilisent pour l'aide alimentaire d'urgence aux sans-abris et aux plus pauvres: la Fondation Abbé Pierre en France et Action Homeless au Royaume-Uni.* Confinement affects particularly harshly the poorest: the funds collected here will be directly transferred in equal share to two associations that deliver emergency food support to the homeless and the poor: the Abbé Pierre Foundation in France and Action Homeless in the UK.DE QUOI S'AGIT-IL? / WHAT'S HAPPENING?* Le 26 avril 2020, je devais participer au Marathon de Londres. Suite à son annulation, j'ai décidé à la place de courir ce jour-là mon propre marathon (en solo bien sûr!) autour du réservoir de Bedok à Singapour, et d'en faire l'occasion d'une collecte de fonds pour les plus démunis face à la crise. Mon objectif est de collecter plus de €3000 pour cette cause. Merci d'avance pour votre générosité!* On 26 April 2020, I was scheduled to run the London Marathon. Following its cancellation, I decided instead to run on that day my own marathon (solo, of course!) around the Bedok Reservoir in Singapore, and to make it a fundraising event for the poorest victims of the crisis. I aim to collect over €3000 for this cause. Thank you in advance for your generosity!EXTRA CHALLENGE BONUS!* Parce qu'un marathon reste une course, je me fixe l'objectif de passer sous la barre des 3h30.' (En guise de contexte: en cinq marathons "tropicaux", je n'ai jamais atteint cette barre; mon temps le plus rapide a été 3H35 et c'était en 2013! Depuis: 3h51, 4h01, 3h41, 3h55). Je m'engage a doubler votre mise si je n'atteins par cet objectif... mais si je l'atteins, je vous demanderai de considérer doubler la vôtre!* Because a marathon is a race after all, I set myself the goal of finishing under 3h30'. (For context: in five "tropical marathons" so far, I have never done this; my fastest time was 3h35', and that was back in 2013! Since then: 3h51', 4h01', 3h41', 3h55). I commit to doubling your pledge if I don't meet my goal... however if I do meet it, I will ask you to consider doubling yours!



Un Véhicule Adapté pour Tarcice

Un Véhicule Adapté pour Tarcice

Vidéo YouTube synthétique décrivant le projet: ENGLISH BELOW Un Véhicule Adapté pour Tarcice Je m'appelle Tarcice, je suis née le 26 Avril 1977. Je travaille à mi-temps dans une entreprise privée et l'autre moitié du temps je le consacre dans mes activités sportives et au bénévolat. Marraine d'une association qui défend les femmes atteintes du cancer, j'aime passer mon temps pour des causes humaines car donner une part de votre personne aux autres est le plus grand bonheur pour moi et pour ces gens. J'ai également une petite particularité : je suis handicapée moteur depuis l'âge de 2 ans et je me déplace en fauteuil roulant manuel et électrique ; c'est le petit plus que la vie m'a offerte et j'en suis ravie. Mon handicap n'a jamais été un frein dans ma vie. C'est grâce à lui que je suis devenue déterminée, toujours ambitieuse et que j'ai appris à ne jamais baisser 1es bras.Cependant , tous mes déplacements me prennent deux fois plus de temps que pour une personne valide. En fauteuil roulant, chaque trajet devient un parcours du combattant: Je prends les transports quotidiennement pour aller travailler mais les imprévus compliquent énormément mes déplacements. Autrement je me déplace en fauteuil qu'il pleuve qu'il vente ou qu'il neige. Des imprévus quotidiens: -Attendre le bus suivant car la rampe d'accès du précédent est en panne. -Atteindre la station de métro suivante car les ascenseurs y sont régulièrement en panne. -Me faire oublier par le réseau de transport en commun des handicapés. Il m'est déjà arrivé de rater des journées de travail! Tout ceci est une pression quotidienne et c'est très épuisant. C'est pourquoi j'ai décidé de passer mon permis de conduire en 2017 pour faciliter mon quotidien. Seulement, à cause de ma maladie, je ne peux pas conduire un véhicule "normal". Si vous lisez ce message, je fais appel à vous. Il m'est impossible de payer toute seule un véhicule spécialisé. J'ai déjà réuni une somme de 18 500€ mais je dois toujours payer 25 000€ pour devenir libre et autonome. Avant de faire un prêt à la banque je cherche à diminuer cette somme. S'il vous plait, sachez que chaque don, quel qu'il soit, fera la différence et surtout qu'il m'encouragera dans mon combat.Alors n'hésitez pas à m'accompagner et explosons ensemble ce compteur !Vous en remerciant du fond du coeur.Tarcice ESSON An adapted vehicle for Tarcice My name is Tarcice, i'm born the 26th of April 1977, i work part-time in a private company and i spend the rest of my time doing sport and volunteering. I'm part of an association that defend women with cancer; i like spend my time for human cause because give a part of myself to others is the greatest happiness for me and for these people.I have also a little feature: i'm disabled moter since i'm 2 years old and i move with a wheelchair; that's the little plus that life gave me and i'm happy with it. However, all my moves in public transports take twice time than a valid person: buses and subways aren't always equipped for people in wheelchair like me.That's why i've decided to pass the driving licence but i can't drive a "normal" car. That's the reason why i created this page to raise funds in order to help me to buy an adapted car for my disability. I already raise 18 500€ (21 500$ US) but the car cost 43 500€ (50 700$ US) so i need 23 250€ (29 000$US) more to buy it. Each gift, whatever the gift, can do the difference! So don't hesitate to follow and help me!Thanking you from the bottom of my heart!Tarcice ESSON



Water is Life

Water is Life

During the health crisis of COVID-19, the indigenous Wayuu people of Colombia, are facing a tragedy, they are not able to get enough water to survive. The people of Cabo de la Vela make a living mainly from tourism, selling handicrafts and fishing to provide fresh produce to the hotels and restaurants in the small village.During this world lockdown their livelihood is gone. No tourists sadly means no income.The families cannot pay for the tankers that deliver water to this arid region.With no access to water, such an essential life source, the lives of these communities are threatened. This concern is even greater than the coronavirus for these isolated tribes... Who are we ?Emma and Ompi, a young Franco-Colombian couple, owners of a small kitesurf school, Cabo Kite Center, in the village of Cabo de la Vela.For 2 years we have been living among the indigenous Wayùu tribe. We share the daily life of these people who are sadly forgotten by the Colombian government. Some humanitarian aid has emerged since the start of the COVID 19 quarantine but no project seems to focus on the donation of water which, for us, is absolutely essential! We initially decided to contact customers who have visited our kitesurf center in the past years in order to raise funds for the cause, then we thought of pushing the project further by creating this crowdfunding project to raise your awareness and call upon your generosity.Our project is straightforward !Raise funds to finance the distribution of water in the hamlets located around Cabo de la Vela.For those who are not familiar with the area, the village has no irrigation system.Water is supplied by tanker trucks which fill the basins where the water is stored, this is the only drinking water supply used also for washing and cooking...Some of the poorest get some water by walking long distances to reach natural pools which are also used to water their small goat farms.However an additional problem is that these pools are dry at this time of the year and the first rains do not fall until November. Still not convinced? We have teamed up with entrepreneurial friends from the region to offer you discounts on our catering services, hotels and of course courses and rentals in our kitesurfing center in return for your participation however small.Donate 20€ and receuve 15% discount in our centers.Just claim your discount by sending us a message! "Sounds good but where does my money go ?"There are 7 surrounding communities in total:Pujuru - Ishotshimana - Atutului - Kousochon - Palerü - Palamana - Aipir Each community has about 10 families with an average of two 500 litre tanks to stock water per family. The community of Ishotshimana is the biggest with approximately 30 families.A tanker truck can carry a load of 10,000 liters of water. We would therefore need a total of 9 tanker trucks to provide a week's supply of water.Each tanker truck is worth around € 100, which would correspond to a total of at least € 1.000. Hoping to be able to supply these communities at least twice, we have set our target at € 2.000.If our project is successful, a contribution of 4% will be paid to the Leetchi platform,i.e. € 2.080 to be collected in total.



Save The Hole Maspalomas

Save The Hole Maspalomas

ENGLISH Hi everyone, we have reactivated this fundraiser, no cruising bar has been able to reopen for the moment in Gran Canaria. Our establishment has been closed for 6 months, we were able to reopen 2 weeks, but it was very complicated to manage the problem of masks inside, and if we had had a police control, it was a fine of 600,000 euros, so we decided to close. We had to reopen this weekend, we invested in doing more work to be able to reopen safely with the creation of a lots Glory Holes, unfortunately following the resurgence of cases of covid-19 in Gran Canaria, the Canarian government has decided that all bars without a terrace must remain closed, so our bar is once again penalized. No government help since the end of June, if this unfortunately continues The Hole will have to close permanently. Despite all our efforts and investment it becomes a rather complicated situation, we had thought of other options, to open a terrace, but for those who know our bar, we are not in Yumbo, and come where we are located just to take a drink, we know no one will come. People who come to The Hole come for fuck. Any help from you is welcome. Thanks again for everyone who helped us, but unfortunately we still need your help. Thank you. SPANISH Hola a todos, hemos reactivado esta recaudación de fondos, ningún bar de cruising ha podido reabrir por el momento en Gran Canaria. Nuestro establecimiento lleva 6 meses cerrado, pudimos reabrir 2 semanas, pero era muy difícil manejar el problema de las mascarillas en el interior, y si hubiéramos tenido un control policial eran 600.000 euro de multa, así que decidimos cerrar. Tuvimos que reabrir este fin de semana, invertimos en hacer más trabajo para poder reabrir con total seguridad con la creación de Glory Holes, lamentablemente tras el resurgimiento de casos de covid-19 en Gran Canaria, el gobierno canario ha decidido que Todos los bares sin terraza deben permanecer cerrados, por lo que nuestro bar vuelve a ser penalizado. Sin ayuda del gobierno desde finales de junio, si esto lamentablemente continúa, The Hole tendrá que cerrar definitivamente. A pesar de todos nuestros esfuerzos e inversión se convierte en una situación bastante complicada, habíamos pensado en otras opciones, abrir una terraza, pero para los que conocen nuestro bar, no estamos en Yumbo, y ven a donde estamos ubicados solo para tomar un trago, sabemos que nadie vendrá. La gente que viene a The Hole viene a follar. Cualquier ayuda de usted es bienvenida. Gracias nuevamente por todos los que nos ayudaron, pero lamentablemente aún necesitamos su ayuda. Gracias FRENCHSalut tous le monde, nous avons réactiver cette collecte de fond, aucun cruising bar n'a pu réouvrir pour le moment à Gran Canaria. Cela va faire 6 mois que notre établissement est fermé, nous avons pu réouvrir 2 semaines, mais c'était très compliquer de gérer le probleme des masques à l'intérieur, et si nous avions eu un controle de police, c'etait 600 000 euro d'amende, donc nous avions décidé de refermer. Nous devions réouvrir ce week end, nous avons investi à faire des travaux en plus pour pouvoir reouvrir en toute sécurité avec la création de pleins de Glory Hole, malheureusement suite à la recrudescence de cas de covid-19 à Gran Canaria, le gouvernement canarien a décidé que tous bar sans terrasse doivent rester fermer, donc notre bar encore une fois est pénalisé. Aucune aide du gouvernement depuis fin juin, si cela continu malheureusement The Hole devra fermer définitement. Malgrès tous nos efforts et investissement cela devient une situation assez compliqué, nous avions pensé à d'autres options, ouvrir une terrasse, mais pour ceux qui connaissent notre bar, nous ne sommes pas à Yumbo, et venir où nous sommes situés juste pour prendre un verre, nous savons que personne ne viendra. Les personnes qui viennent à The Hole vienne pour baiser. Toutes aide de votre part est la bienvenue. Merci encore pour tous ceux qui nous ont aidé, mais nous avons malheureusement encore besoin de votre aide. Merci GERMAN Hallo allerseits, wir haben diese Spendenaktion reaktiviert. Bisher konnte keine Cruising-Bar auf Gran Canaria wiedereröffnen.Unsere Einrichtung ist seit 6 Monaten geschlossen, wir konnten 2 Wochen wieder öffnen, aber es war sehr schwierig, das Problem der Masken im Inneren zu lösen, und wenn wir eine Polizeikontrolle hatten, waren es 600.000 Euro gut, also beschlossen wir zu schließen.Wir mussten dieses Wochenende wieder öffnen, wir haben in mehr Arbeit investiert, um mit der Schaffung von Glory Holes sicher wieder öffnen zu können. Leider hat die kanarische Regierung nach dem Wiederauftreten der Fälle von Covid-19 auf Gran Canaria entschieden, dass Alle Bars ohne Terrasse müssen geschlossen bleiben, damit unsere Bar erneut bestraft wird.Keine staatliche Hilfe seit Ende Juni, wenn dies leider weitergeht, muss The Hole dauerhaft geschlossen werden.Trotz all unserer Bemühungen und Investitionen wird es eine ziemlich komplizierte Situation, wir hatten uns andere Möglichkeiten überlegt, eine Terrasse zu eröffnen, aber für diejenigen, die unsere Bar kennen, sind wir nicht in Yumbo und kommen dorthin, wo wir uns gerade befinden ein Getränk, wir wissen, dass niemand kommen wird. Leute, die zu The Hole kommen, kommen zum Ficken.Jede Hilfe von Ihnen ist willkommen.Nochmals vielen Dank für alle, die uns geholfen haben, aber leider brauchen wir immer noch Ihre Hilfe.Danke dir


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Un puit au nom de maman Allah y Rhamha ,ma grand mère, et une autre grand mère Allah y rahmhoum.

Un puit au nom de maman Allah y Rhamha ,ma grand mère, et une autre grand mère Allah y rahmhoum.

As salam aleykoum !Je suis Sonia (29) moi même , l'ainée d'une fratrie de 5 .Nous avons perdu notre mère il y a 10 ans Allah y rahmha , le 1 février 2010 . Nous avons également perdu nos 2 grands mère, ainsi que la mère de la femme présente pour mon petit frère et ma petite soeur. Qu'Allah leur fasse miséricorde.Al hamdouliLleh, "C'est à Allâh que nous appartenons et c'est vers Lui que nous retournerons "إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون Innâ li Llâhi wa innâ Ilayhi râji'ûn" 🙏🏼 Comme vous l'avez compris , nous étions jeune et nous n'avions pas les cagnottes en ligne comme aujourd'hui. Après 10 ans j'ai réalisé qu'il était important de faire quelques choses . Une sadaka perpétuelle au nom de ma mère de mes grands mère et de cette autre grand mère que j'affectionne énormément. (La mère de ma belle mère) Après avoir lu et compris les Hadith qui suivent, j'ai pris conscience qu'il fallait faire ce qui est dit pour perpétuer la sadaka de ma maman et de mes grands mères . D'après Anas (qu'Allah l'agrée), le Prophète (que la prière d'Allah et Son salut soient sur lui) a dit: « Il y a 7 choses dont la récompense parvient au serviteur dans sa tombe après sa mort: celui qui a enseigné une science, a creusé le lit d'un fleuve, a creusé un puits, a planté un palmier, a construit une mosquée, a laissé un moushaf (Coran) en héritage ou a laissé un enfant pieux qui demande pardon pour lui après sa mort ». (Rapporté par Al Bazar et authentifié par Cheikh Albani dans Sahih Targhib n°73) D'après Sa'd Ibn Oubada (qu'Allah l'agrée): J'ai dit au Prophète (que la prière d'Allah et Son salut soient sur lui): « Ô Messager d'Allah la mère de Sa'd est morte, quelle est la meilleure aumône? Le Prophète (que la prière d'Allah et Son salut soient sur lui) a dit: L'eau. Sa'd a alors creusé un puits et a dit: Ceci est pour la mère de Sa'd ». (Rapporté par Abou Daoud dans ses Sounan n°1681) J'ai donc décidé de contacter cette association : Pour crée un puit pour chacune d'elle In Sha Allah ! 🙏🏼En ce moment l'association propose 2 types de puit : Il faudrait 900 € pour un puit pour 200 personneset 1200€ pour un puit de 400 personnesAu total 3600€ pour les 4 puits à 900€ou 4800€ pour les 4 puits à 1200€ ce qui serait l'idéal pour moi in Sha Allah .



Sid's 'Hair Cut' fundraiser for Auryn's Heros  #aurynsheroes

Sid's 'Hair Cut' fundraiser for Auryn's Heros #aurynsheroes

Hi everyone, AMAZING NEWS- SID HAS RAISED OVER €1,700!!!!Thank you all so much for your extremely generous contributions. Also, huge thanks to Sid for being such a legend. However, due to Level 5 restrictions, Sid's actual hair cut has been delayed but we'll share photos when its done. If you still want to contribute to the cause please go to https://www.aurynsheroes.ieAuryn's storyLast year, when Auryn was just 4, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.Even though he’s close to beating it, this cancer (just like all the worst villains) has a nasty habit of coming back. There’s a clinical trial for a vaccine that helps prevent relapse in the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, New York and we’d love to help get Auryn on the trial in early 2021.The total cost of the vaccine and travel etc. is €375,000. Every contribution, no matter how small will help beat this bad guy once and for all.Every donation will make you a hero to Auryn. Our 10 yr old son Sid is going to get his hair cut to raise money for this little hero Auryn #aurynsheroes. A kid getting his hair cut doesn’t sound that impressive, but Sid’s been growing his hair for quite a while now, it’s very long (see above) and it’s his pride and joy, however, it’s getting chopped.... All money raised will go to the Auryn’s Hero Fund to help this 5yr old boy battling cancer- 13 rounds of chemotherapy, two major surgeries, two stem cell transplants, 14 rounds of radiotherapy and multiple bone marrow aspirates, blood transfusions and other medical procedures. There’s still a few more treatments to come. Please donate if you can by using this Leetchi page (orange 'Contribute' button on the right) so Sid can see how much he has raised and all money will then be donated to the Auryn’s Heros Go Fund Me page in one go once the hair has been shorn during the Halloween mid-term. ( If info appears in French, go to bottom of page and translate)Also don't forget to share with your family and friends.Thanks so much from Alan, Karen, Max and Sid.#aurynsheroes


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Nandri Trust Association fighting Coronavirus India 2020

Nandri Trust Association fighting Coronavirus India 2020

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot! Nandri Trust Association aims at enabling women to earn their own money and thereby to make their own choices and become self-reliant through tailoring and stitching projects. Since 2009, some underprivileged and poor women from rural and very backward villages around Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu-India) are identified and enrolled in the Nandri Trust Program. Opening up this tailoring training and job opportunity does not only provide them with a salary but also helps to raise confidence and to increase the weight of their voice and their share in decision making processes within their families. The Nandri Trust Program is structured around 3 steps that are all interdependent: 1- The 10 months intensive tailoring course within the Nandri Trust Tailoring Institute based in Mahabalipuram provided for free. Here the women learn the basic sewing, stitching and tailoring skills and thereby enabling them to continue with us in a professional working environment. 2- After the training the women are given the possibility to join our sewing studio as permanent staff. All the employees have followed and completed the Nandri training course. 3- Childcare: these women mostly mothers, poors and without family support struggle for sustenance during the training. It is to meet their needs that we created a small kindergarden. the “Nandri Kids Villa” where the mums can earn professional skills while their kids are properly taken care of. The entire structure is managed by women who took part of the program. We started the project back in 2009, the rental cost were entirely covered by donations till now, we were facing some difficulties to cover all the training costs (buying the fabrics / materials and sewing machine) and insuring meals all year long for the women and the kids. In the mid long term, the goal for Nandri Trust was to be self-sustained without having the need for any monetary support from the outside. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, all the ladies in our association no longer have jobs, some of their husbands have also lost their jobs and all these families are struggling to survive with this health crisis. Our association is trying to raise funds to support these women and their families. Your donation is important and precious during this special difficult time! It will help 17 ladies and 36 kids from villages around Mahabalipuram! Thank you for them! 200 rupees = 2 days of meal for 1 family (200 rupees = 2.40 euros)(200 rupees = 2.65 USD) With just 1-click you can donate to a good cause* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!


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Ambasada Rog

Ambasada Rog

Community space for refugees, Ljubljana, Slovenia Ambasada Rog is a community space run for the last two years by refugees, activists, journalists, cultural workers, lawyers, unemployed, parents and everyone who believes in solidarity and the power of a community. We understand Ambasada Rog as a space of mutual support and we all work on a volunteer basis. Our work includes numerous activities: daily, we cook and provide a free meal for 20-25 people, we provide social and legal support to asylum seekers; we organize campaigns and protests, as well as educational workshops and events like exhibitions, concerts, dance classes and excursions. Since we wish to remain politically independent, we work outside the institutional framework and rely mostly on our solidarity network and our supporters. They are the ones who most effectively participate in our efforts. We invite you to become part of this network and support our work with your contribution. Any donation is welcome and it will be fully used for our activities. Most of the expenses go for cooking free meals and offering social support to migrants and asylum seekers, who are left without basic means. Our activities take place in the Autonomous Factory Rog, a former bicycle factory which has become a complex community with over fifteen active collectives and spaces. Since 2016 the space is under threat of eviction by the municipality which also filed a lawsuit against eight activists. A small part of every donation is thus also used to cover the legal expenses which allow us to continue using this space. Your support will enable us to continue with our activities - to mutually create an open community and confront our country's most inhumane policies. For all our activities please visit our Facebook page as it is the best source of daily updates and on our work. Or come visit us at Rog factory in Ljubljana! Skupnostni prostor za begunce, Ljubljana Ambasada Rog je prostor, ki ga že dve leti skupaj upravljamo begunci, aktivisti, novinarji, kulturni delavci, pravniki, brezposelni, starši in vsi, ki verjamemo v solidarnost in moč skupnosti. Ambasado Rog razumemo kot prostor druženja in podpore. Prav vsi delujemo prostovoljno. Naše delo obsega dnevno kuhanje brezplačnih obrokov za 20-25 ljudi, nudimo tudi socialno in pravno pomoč prosilcem in prosilkam za azil, organiziramo kampanje in proteste, izobraževalne delavnice ter dogodke kot so razstave, koncerti, plesni tečaji ter izleti. Ker želimo ostati politično neodvisni, delujemo izven okvirov institucij in se v prvi vrsti zanašamo na solidarnostno mrežo podpornikov. Tudi vi lahko postanete del te mreže in nas podprete z donacijo. Vsak prispevek je dobrodošel in bo v celoti porabljen za naše delovanje. Največji strošek predstavljata kuhanje brezplačnih obrokov ter socialna pomoč prosilcem za azil, ki ostajajo brez osnovnih sredstev za preživetje. Naše aktivnosti potekajo znotraj avtonomne Tovarne Rog, nekdanje tovarne koles in danes kompleksne skupnosti, v kateri deluje okoli 15 organiziranih kolektivov. Od leta 2016 občina grozi z izselitvijo, vložila pa je tudi civilno tožbo proti osmim aktivistom. Manjši del vsake donacije se zato uporabi tudi za te administrativne stroške, ki nam omogočajo nadaljno uporabo prostora. Z vašo podporo bomo lahko še naprej nadaljevali z aktivnostmi. Pomagajte nam pri sogradnji odprte skupnosti in platforme, ki se spopada z najbolj nehumanimi politikami naše države. Več o nas, o naših dejavnostih in novostih najdete na Facebooku. Ali pa nas obiščite v Tovarni Rog v Ljubljani!



Ça roule pour Lulu

Ça roule pour Lulu

L’association Ça roule pour Lulu a vu le jour en novembre 2016 à Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois en Charente-Maritime. L’objectif est de lever des fonds afin d’améliorer le quotidien de Lucas, un petit garçon handicapé de 9 ans. Lucas, surnommé affectueusement Lulu par ses proches, est un petit garçon pas comme les autres. Il est né grand prématuré à seulement 28 semaines. Il pesait 1,2 kg et mesurait 37 cm. Cette grande prématurité a provoqué des lésions cérébrales qui ont touché la zone de psychomotricité et a entraîné une hémiplégie droite. Mais les soucis de Lucas ne se sont pas arrêtés là. Quelques jours après sa naissance, les médecins lui ont diagnostiqué une maladie génétique rénale rare, un diabète insipide néphrogénique.Depuis Lucas a bien grandi et ses besoins également. Il faut notamment penser à aménager sa maison pour qu’il puisse circuler avec son fauteuil roulant. En projet, l’extension de sa chambre avec une douche et un w.-c. adapté à son handicap (les travaux devraient commencer au printemps 2019 grâce à l'argent récolté depuis la création de l'association). Il faudra aussi rendre accessible les abords de la maison et adapter un véhicule à Lucas. Ces travaux sont estimés à 70 000 €, un coût trop élevé pour la famille aux revenus modestes et les aides sont peu nombreuses.C’est pourquoi la famille a décidé de créer l’association afin de lever des fonds pour améliorer le quotidien de Lucas. De nombreuses manifestations sont à venir en 2020 (soirée théâtre, marché fermier et artisanal, 4e édition de la randonnée semi nocturne...) pour augmenter la cagnotte.Merci à vous, qui avez fait un don ou qui avez donné de votre temps pour améliorer la vie de Lucas.Pour en savoir plus sur l'association, l'histoire de Lucas, ou encore sur le planning de nos prochaines manifestations, rendez-vous sur notre site Internet ou sur notre page FacebookÇa-roule-pour-Lulu-115857582219000/



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