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LGBT Village Collection

LGBT Village Collection

Hey everyone, my name is Mark Williams. I am a 35 year old gay male and I have been gay since the age of 7. I was born and bread in Dublin City – Ireland.  Dreams and Aspirations I have visited many Gay Villages in the last 28 years of my life and by golly, did I have the best time of my life visiting all the Gay Villages of the world. But when I come back home from abroad to Ireland last year, I have noticed one thing very strange indeed,  here in Ireland we have no LGBT Villages at all.So I am setting up this campaign in order to gain support so my colleagues and I, canIn the future build the very first LGBT Village in Ireland.   “I’ve been dreaming of setting up a LGBT Village in Ireland for some time now, ever since I was as an 18 year old teenager. I’ve watched friends and family members attempt to convince the Irish Government that we need a place in Ireland where all LGBT people can be themselves and live life without being targeted by other gangs and so called Gay Bashers.   But sadly to say, my friends and family have never achieved this goal which is an awful pity due to Gay Villages been well known since 1955. I’ve battled too hard and sacrificed way too much not to achieve my dream. Reasons for Running this Campaign This is where you come in. Making my international breakthrough will not be easy and it is definitely not be cheap. We need to buy land, get planning permission, pay an architect, hire a team of builders and carpenters, hire landscape gardeners, hire a security team, and get assistance from the Dublin Corporation and An Garda Síochána. To start and compete this, major project – it would cost from €80,000 upwards when you take in the extra prices for the following buildings: 2 Hotels - 4 Bed and Breakfasts - A Health Club - Bath House - Supermarket - PharmacyPost Office - Butchers - 2 Pubs - Bakery - Vegetable Shop (Green Groucers) -  2 ShopsPetrol Station and 600 to 800 4 bedroomed bungalows and 800 2 story houses and 2 restaurants. With your support and the LGBT Community as well as the Irish Government's support, there is no doubt about it, we will be able to start and finish the very first Gay Village in Ireland. This will make Ireland an international breakthrough for the LGBT Community Worldwide who comes to Ireland yearly for their holidays and the meeting of their lovers too. Join the Team and Support LGBT Ireland International until we've achieved our goal.



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