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Help fund a cochlear implant surgery for 18 month old baby

Raising a funding campaign as I came across the story of Marc Alexander, 18 month baby boy born in Haiti and diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). Long story short, Haiti does not have the proper medical infrastructure and the government support to help this little boy get a cochlear implant surgery that would give him the ability to hear and speak. The longer he waits to get the implant, the more irreversible speech and development delay will occur. This would cost USD 30,000 including a trip abroad to get the surgery done (I myself have done research for my daughter and no kidding, it really cost that much). I spoke to his mother who didn't know what to do and who to turn to, and I felt the need to help them. As a French national and a Hong Kong resident , and as a mother of a 6 months deaf baby myself, my family is fortunate enough to have access to the best-in-class health support, excellent medical care and infrastructure ...and this is all (or almost) FREE!! We tend to forget how lucky we are. This little boy does not share our luck.Please take some time to read his story, DONATE and SHARE THIS POST to help him get access to a cochlear implant surgery, this amazing, life changing technology that will give him back the gift of hearing and speech.Carine Story of Marc Alexandre: Hello everyone. We are Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty, parents of 18 months old Marc-Alexandre. We live Haiti, one of the most under-developed country in the world.We suspected the deafness of our son when he was 2 months and a half, as he was not reacting to sound. Due to lack of medical resources and infrastructure in Haiti, we were unable to obtain a diagnosis right away. When Marc-Alexandre turned 12 months old, we had been recommended to have him checked out in Republic Dominican. Without a second of hesitation, we took out all of our savings and bought a flight for the 3 of us to go meet an ENT specialist there. The results were devastating: Marc-Alexandre was diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). We were not sure what to do or where to turn. We do not know if he would ever say, "I love you Mommy and Daddy." We have prayed for a happy, productive life for Marc-Alexander, and we want him to go to school and someday graduate from university to pursue a career and a life that he chooses.The ENT was adamant that our son needed cochlear implants; Implanting Marc will give him access to sound which will provide him with the only chance of age-appropriate speech and language development. This will provide him the opportunity to a better education and independent employment as an adult in the future. If not implanted, it may lead to permanent changes in the auditory cortex in the brain which may make it impossible to benefit from a cochlear implant or any form of hearing restoration surgery in the future. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. The signals are generated by the implant and are sent passed the auditory nerve to the brain where the signals are recognised as sounds. However, the cochlear implants will cost USD$30,000 as we do not have insurance and there is no government social subsidy or help of any kind. We are raising money to pay for medical expenses including surgery, cochlear implant device, and a trip abroad for the surgery.Marc is growing up and as his parents; we know we have to do something. The only future for our son is to hear with cochlear implants. Just like everyone else, we want to give him the best possible future there is.Life is so precious and this innocent boy who deserves the right to live normally. In advance, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your incredible moral and financial support. Thank you for helping us change the life of our child. Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty

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Marco & Thijs - Bike4Kika

All, This summer (4th August) myself and my son Thijs will be biking ~1000km from Oberrieden, Switzerland to Schagen, the Netherlands. We will be following the river Rhein all the way to the Netherlands. We aim to complete the bike tour in 10 days. We are doing this to raise money for child cancer research. Reason we are doing this is that a little over a year Thijs’s grandad passed away from cancer. I also had cancer and was lucky enough to survive, as such we want to do what we can to help other people that have cancer. Every little bit helps. All the money donated will go 100% to KIKA, which has been set up in 2002 to fund innovative research for Child Cancer. Treatments have significantly improved but still 1 in 4 children, diagnosed with cancer dies. The charity’s aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer from 75% to 95% by 2025. They aim to do this by funding scientific research, improving treatments (less pain, higher cure rate and improved quality of life), concentrating expertise and treatment for children to accelerate experience. We hope you want to support with us this cause as no one especially not a child, should have to die from cancer. Thank you!Thijs & Marco

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Versions: Anglaise, Allemande, Française et Italienne ci-dessousHello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can help to contribute to the recognition of the exceptional engagement of our Swiss hospitals care workers during the Coronavirus (COVID 19 ) crisis The money will be allocated on the prorata of number of beds of each hospital in Switzerland. The money will be transfered to the HR depatment of each hospital. The HR departmentwill redistribute the money as a bonus to all care workers.A receipt will be sent to each donor to be deducted on the next tax return. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you! Hallo Madame, Sir & willkommen in diesem Geldtopf!Mit nur einem Klick können Sie dazu beitragen, dass das aussergewöhnliche Engagement unserer Schweizer Spitalbetreuer während der Coronavirus-Krise (COVID 19 ) anerkannt wird.Das Geld wird auf die anteilige Bettenzahl der einzelnen Spitäler in der Schweiz verteilt.Das Geld wird an die Personalabteilung jedes Spitals überwiesen. Die Personalabteilungwird das Geld als Bonus an alle Pflegekräfte umverteilen.Geben Sie, wie viel Sie wollenJeder Spender erhält eine Quittung, die bei der nächsten Steuererklärung abgezogen wird.Alle Zahlungen sind 100% sicherWarum Es ist einfach und transparent!Vielen Dank! Bonjour Madame, Monsieur & bienvenue dans cette levée de fond !En un seul clic, vous pouvez contribuer à la reconnaissance de l'engagement exceptionnel du personnel soignant de nos hôpitaux suisses durant de la crise du Coronavirus (COVID 19 )L'argent sera alloué au prorata du nombre de lits de chaque hôpital en Suisse.L'argent sera transféré au département des ressources humaines de chaque hôpital. Ce département redistribuera l'argent sous forme de prime à tout personnel soignantDonnez le montant que vous souhaitezUn reçu sera envoyé à chaque donateur à déduire sur la prochaine déclaration dîmpôts.Tous les paiements sont 100% sécurisésPourquoi ? C'est facile et transparent !Vous recevrez un reçu pour la déduction de votre future taxe Gentile Signora, Egregio Signore,Benvenuti in questa raccolta di fondi.Con un solo clic potete contribuire al riconoscimento dell'eccezionale impegno che gli operatori sanitari dei nostri ospedali svizzeri stanno facendo durante questa crisi del Coronavirus (COVID 19 ).La donazione totale sarà assegnata in base al numero di letti in ogni ospedale in Svizzera.I soldi saranno trasferiti al reparto delle Risorse Umane di ogni ospedale. Le vostre donazioni verranno poi ridistribuite come bonus a tutti gli operatori sanitari.Date quello che potete, ogni gesto è importante.Una ricevuta sarà mandata ad ogni persona che farà un dono per permetterle di deddure questo importo dalla prossima dichiarazione fiscale. Tutti i pagamenti sono sicuri al 100%Perché È facile e trasparente!Grazie!

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Support for Aelfin Michel

Aelfin Michel - Critical Condition - Hua Hin, ThailandSadly, on December 31st, Aelfin tragically crashed on a motorbike causing him to suffer severe head and face trauma. Aelfin is currently in ICU under 24 hours medical care and constant support. When Aelfin arrived in emergency he required immediate surgery to remove bleeding on the brain and had part of his skull removed, which will need to be replaced with titanium. His jaw and teeth were severely smashed which will require surgery, as well as other serious facial and head injuries. Unfortunately this is a very critical situation. Due to the severity of his head injuries he has had many operations to date and requires many more, plus 24 hours support and months (if not years) of therapy. The latter is not yet known as we are currently taking it day by day, knowing that each day is a miracle. Aelfin is a fighter and at every set back he is fighting to stay here with us. For those that know him will know his determination and stubbornness. This trait is shining through in his fight for his life. This gives us hope. Holding onto this hope and knowing that Aelfin will keep on fighting, there is a long and very expensive battle ahead of us. He requires many more surgeries, and unfortunately at this stage, we are unsure of the extent of damage and rehabilitation required. We urgently ask all of you to help support Aelfin and his mother, Emma, with the extensive ongoing medical costs and medical care that Aelfin needs now and for the coming months. ALL of the funds donated will be used to cover Aelfin's hospital bills, medical and rehabiliation expenses. We would like to express our gratitude for your kind donations to the SUPPORT AELFIN FUND. Best regards,Aelfin's support team

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IYAFP Against COVID-19

IYAFP Against COVID-19

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot! About me:As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, my hometown Livingstone and other parts of my country, Zambia are facing a shortage of essential equipment and patient support resources at this time. My name is Stephen Chikwa. I am 28 years old and on behalf of youth in my region, I’m here to make a difference in my local healthcare community. I believe that young people can help lead the battle against COVID-19 preparedness and improve health equity for those around us. As a long-standing volunteer and SRHR advocate with the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, I am committed to engaging youth in championing and leading healthcare transformation in my community from the ground up. The mission:To use my network, connections and experiences to leverage an online fundraiser to collect donations to supply the Livingstone Central Hospital with essential equipment such as hand washing buckets and basins, hand washing soap, hand rub/sanitizer, infrared thermometers, surgical and examination gloves, and N95 and surgical masks. The case:In March 2020, Zambia officially started recording cases of people testing positive with COVID-19 and this presents a burden to the primary healthcare system especially now when the prices of the equipment are skyrocketing nearly every single day. As the number of cases have continued to increase, the number of available resources goes down and hospitals have been forced to be selective about who receives treatment.My team and I recently organized a hospital program where we will be delivering essential equipment (as listed above) to them as a one-time direct relief initiative. More specifically, the hospital that will be benefiting from this initiative is Livingstone Central. The goal:We need to raise $5,000 USD in order to provide the set of equipment to Livingstone Central Hospital so that they can effectively meet the needs of patients in our community. Together, we will be providing our healthcare workers, hospital and patients with the help they need as we navigate this uncertain and constantly evolving situation. So far, we have raised just over $50.00 USD through local community contributions. A donation of any amount can provide a lot of support and is greatly appreciated. Cost breakdown:* $108 USD for 10 hand washing buckets and 10 hand washing basins,* $65 USD for 30X500 Milliliter bottles of hand rub,* $30 USD for 50X175 grams Tablets of hand washing soap,* $150 USD for 10X1 Litre of hand sanitizer,* $1,415 USD for 10 infrared thermometers* $22 USD for 20X1 AAA infrared thermometer batteries* $345 USD for 15X50Pair Boxes of Surgical gloves* $220 USD for 20X50Pair Boxes of examination gloves* $735 USD for 15X50 Boxes of surgical masks.* $1,905 USD for N95 masks (Pending supplier restock) DISCLAIMER: Your contribution to this initiative will go straight to procuring and delivering this set of essential equipment to the Livingstone Central Hospital by May 30, 2020 This fundraising campaign will NOT be profitable for Stephen Chikwa or The International Youth Alliance for Family Planning. With just 1-click you can contribute to supporting Livingstone Centra Hospital.* Any amount you donate will go a long way.* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you!



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