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EOS Project - Climbing to help Colombia

EOS Project - Climbing to help Colombia

Hello everyone & welcome to EOS crowdfunding My name is Camilo Sanchez, I am an engineer in France and a mountain lover. Born in Colombia I moved to Europe at a young age with my mother. This project is me trying to put together my passion for mountains, my origins and my desire to take part in the change we need so much nowadays. Who is EOS?She's an ancient Greek Titan with "rose fingers", who would raise from the oceans to the Olympus opening the way to the dawn.  EOS project’s goal is to bring a rose atop the highest mountain of each continent. Giving to the 7 summits challenge a new purpose:* Reach each mountain without airplanes and as environmentally friendly as possible* Climb by “fair means”, in alpine style* Promoting a humanitarian goal and communicating on the effects of climate changeTo take action I started collaborating with Colombianitos and ENSMA university’s engineering students: to use the future engineers’ technical knowledge and Colombianitos’ field and humanitarian knowledge for the people in need in Colombia. Young men and women, children, mothers and fathers who are in need because of a government that forgets them and the climate changes that weight on their resources.All the money of this crowdfunding is going to Colombianitos, to help develop their projects and the work with the students in France. With just 1-click you can contribute to an emergency fund for life's unexpected eventsGive however much you wantAll payments are 100% secureWhy It's easy & transparent! One last thing: Mountain journeys can be long and lonely and I am trying to find some good literature. Send, if you want, your thoughts about the project, or thoughts about Colombianitos, tell me about your own adventures, your stories. I’ll bring them with me and try to post them during my adventures. Or challenge me on side adventures during my journey. I’ll try to answer to as many challenges as possible! Don’t hesitate to contact me at: e-mail:Facebook : @EOSmountain ( : @EOSclimber ( Also take a look to Colombianitos: Thank you very much for all your support!


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