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Donation for street children in Mexico for a better life

Donation for street children in Mexico for a better life

Hello every one, my name is Lena and I'm 19 years old. I have finished my Abitur this year and will go to Mexico in August, for 12 months. My organization is the ICJA, a non-profit organization, which organizes voluntary services all over the world. The project I will be working in is called DIF Toluca, which stands for National Agency for Family Development and they are specialized on street children, who came from dysfunctional and poor families. Usually the children do not have a father and the mothers have to go out to work all day and they have to place their children in this type of nurseries. The aims of this project is to provide accommodation to children who don’t have families or have been maltreated by their parents. It is important to protect the children as well as taking care of them and giving them affection and love. Thru the project, the children will get psychological and pedagogic advice. It will be my task, to take care of the children and play with them. These games are mostly learning games as well as drawing and painting. It is important to teach the children basic knowledge and to teach them read and count. Besides those task I will help the employee, for example I will have to schedule doctor appointments. The costs for my voluntary social year are partly covered by the developmental voluntary service, weltwärts: though the costs are partly covered, there are 2.500€ I have to collect thru donations. With a donation you could help me go to Mexico and help the street children.  I look forward to all the donations and want to thank everyone for their kindness and their engagement. Kind regards,  Lena



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