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Book a Child Project

Book a Child Project

It could have been you!We are born equal but we are not born with equal access to opportunities in life.  “Today, it’s free drawing class! Wonderful, I love drawing. I feel that I can express to the world all my little inner emotions and stories. Being the role model of the class, I can freely draw what comes to my mind, without any filter or fear of repression. I just let my Picasso be. I have been waiting for 4 years to finally have the permission, thanks to my stepfather, to go to primary school. Kept home by my mother, I now have access to education and can learn as much as possible. I can start dreaming and now drawing a brighter future for myself.”  Ngoc Thuy, 14 years old - Primary School. Her story is one of all the unknown stories of underprivileged children in Vietnam fighting every day to have access to basic education. Schooling, representing a life-changing privilege, is too often taken for granted. What if you were born as Ngoc Thuy, would you be grateful if the luckiest ones could use their luck and talent to create a fairer world for the vast majority that wasn’t so lucky? Definitely yes… we do not choose where we are born.  Who are we Two volunteers coming from two completely different backgrounds have teamed up to share their different yet complementary experiences and know-how to create this fundraising campaign. Rachel, a Vietnamese and volunteering teachers at FFSC, personally had experienced what the children are going through in her childhood. Therefore, she hardly can’t ignore them and instead, she deeply wants to try her best to make a real and lasting change in their life. Diane, coming from Mauritius, she recently moved to Vietnam for 3 months.  Valuing her privilege to be born where she was and to have all the opportunities she has, she wanted to locally contribute helping the children envision a brighter future. This project aims at raising to support the children at Friend For Street Children (FFSC), an NGO running for over 34 years. They encourage the underprivileged children in Vietnam to have a better life by providing voluntary education programs. Why do the children need your help? Without books and basic pieces of equipment, volunteers are struggling to conduct English classes. As a result, we have to prepare the lesson plan and print the materials on a daily basis before class because we could not afford to buy books for the whole school year. The “non-book” style of teaching for volunteers and students has not made the classes as effective and engaging as they should be. We are calling for your help in making the children dreams come true. This project is to raise fund to buy printed English books for 110 students in 3 FFSC schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (printing books is legal in Vietnam). The books will be given to fourth graders and fifth graders who take the English lessons. Since we do not have enough resources to cover all the classes from first grade to fifth grade, we only focus on providing fourth and fifth graders with the English fundamentals to be better prepared to start Secondary Schools. How this project can improve the classes Following the book's curriculum and exercises, the volunteering teachers would be able to deliver quality and consistent classes. Supported by a volunteer recruitment program to ensure best practices, the students and the teachers will have a common thread to follow. It would become easier for children understand, keep track, preview, and review the lesson and for teachers to structure their classes. Clarity brings success.  Moreover, speaking and listening form a substantial part of the English learning process, so we would love to be able to buy the necessary pieces of equipment to be able to do so.  English, a powerful skill to overcome povertyWithout education, and especially English, it will become really difficult for children to adapt to this rapidly changing business world mainly speaking English. With this project, we hope to change th



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