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Adopted Twins

Adopted Twins

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can support a community project on 2 5-years-old young, beautiful and lovely twins and her aunt who adopted the girls in the meantime in need* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent! 3 1/2 years ago I met Kayla a 21 year old woman in a bar.She told me that she is going to university for nursery and adult care and that she will pass her exam in two years. She would like to move later to Germany. We dated us and 1/2 year later she told me that her 2 nieces - twins in the age of 2 1/2 years - will be taken into custody away from their parents. Both parents were in trouble with drugs and have to go or are in jail. Kayla wanted to avoid the custody and take care of them.  Kayla told me that she would like take care of them even if she has not finished her university.I promised her to take care of them financially under the knowledge that she will finish university soon and will move to me in Germany. So I paid for the day care of the lovely twins and for KAyla that she didn't need to work in a bar in the evening. She spend a lot of effort in study and the kids. Finally she could not pass the exams in time due to the stress and workload with the kids. Besides she also need to assist her grand parents with care and had to move several times in different places because of different circumstances e.g. the father philander them. In the meantime Kayla adopted them, financed by myself. This year in March she passed all exams and wanted to start her own business. In the meantime I changed my job this year and earning less money that I can't afford the support anymore in the same way as in the past. All savings are gone due to the longer time the exams took and the support I had to give. The application for the passports for the kids was rejected after 6 months due to some missing documents in June. A new application can be started soon that the twins would get the passports to move. Kayla's plan is to setup a business in USA first before moving to Germany that we can become a real family. I supporrted her with last savings. Now the kids has to go to school again roughly 1.000 USD a month. The rent must be paid for the house 2.000 USD a month. The car loan has also to be paid with 800 USD. All this I supported in the past which I cannot afford anymore. For the next months I would like to ask for some funds to support the twins and Kayla.Kayla did a great job for the twins and her grand parents. She spend such a huge effort on her family that it is more then worth to support her the next 6-months. Thank you very much!



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