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Help us to be the voice of Refugees

Help us to be the voice of Refugees

Hello ,My name is Ale I'm a film maker and editor,been in the UK for 15 years.i've been living with friends for last 4 years as Home Office destituted me. I'm in process of judicial review right now. I' ve been going to detention centers protest  with  organizations to film For last 3years. That's my YouTube Chanell We were able to borrow a professional film camera from Leicester university as my Friend was studying there  to make a shirt film about asylum seekers. That's the film we made We darkened their faces and distorted their voices to disguise their identity.As insider I know how much people Asylum seekers suffer.Refugee Women have been detain with children for 3 years as a deterrent and these people psychologically destroyed ,ordinary British people don't know anything about it, I didnt know about it either before I participated the protests  because BBC and mainstream media don't see ,don't hear it.They playing dead. As a film Maker ,social issues would be my guide. I want to be the voice of people who at the bottom of the society ,Homeless people and Asylum seekers. I would like make a film about exploited Asylum seekers in the UK as slave labour.I know human rights activists who know much about it and willing to talk.And I would like make another documentary about homeless people and their main issues and solution for homelessness.But I need a portable professional film camera ,a powerfull laptop and a mic to do my voleenter filming .In that point your help comes to aid.Thanks



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