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Help Create Cheaper Reasonable Priced services

Help Create Cheaper Reasonable Priced services

<h3>Weʼre raising £8,000 to Help individuals and small businesses by providing a service that costs hundreds and thousands. Provide photography services at cheap rates.</h3><p> </p><p>Over many years the costs of employing a photographer to do your special wedding photo's can cost anything close to £2,000. We want to cut these costs by half and supply the same good quality pictures in 4k via the air and on the ground. To become a model you have to have a good portfolio to present. This could also cost a lot of money and we want to give all individuals the chance to be able to do this at an affordable price and help get them on the ladder to success. We are offering many services and gift ideas to all individuals and we want all individuals to be able to take advantage of this by being able to buy any service offered. By donating to us we will offer a service if 40miles from Cambridgeshire to pay you back as long as the donation pay's for you'r requirements. We will come to you and take pictures of you'r son or daughters birthday party, All our services include Parties, Proms, Events, weddings, Ariel pictures of you'r or a family members house as an gift. We will do what you want and require not what we want you to have. In order to give the services we need help to purchase more equipment with the donations you give. Over £6,000 worth of equipment has been purchased but to keep prices down we need the help of donations to keep the rates down.</p>



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