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Medical fundraising can help you and your loved ones deal with the financial burden of medical expenses associated with illness or injury.


Create a medical crowdfunding money pot for yourself or a person in need to cover medical bills


Share your medical crowdfunding campaign with family & friends, asking for their support.


Raise money for an experimental cancer treatment, medication, doctor bills or other medical needs.


Request a bank transfer to cover all your medical expenses, doctor bills and any debt associated with it.

Leetchi user experience

My workmate's 5 year old son Timmy, was diagnosed with a very rare and inoperable brain tumor (DIPG). All attempts to cure it have faired. They're only fighting chance to undergo a pioneering treatment in the USA. Along with my company we decided to medical crowdfunding campaign to help them cover medical bills as well as trip expenses. Timmy's already had positive initial results!


Monitor & manage your medical crowdfunding campaign

Access via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why create your medical crowdfunding campaign on

Easy has a user friendly and intuitive interface. It's easy to set up your medical fundraiser and raise money in 1-easy to manage place!


It takes 1-click to create a money pot and make a donation. Start fundraising for medical bills almost immediately - it's time-efficient!

Secure holds en E-Money license and is regulated as a financial institution. All payments are 100% secure.


Create a medical fundraising page that reflects your individual need. Include your own photos, videos and description.


To maximise donations and reach broader audience, you can easily share your money pot link via social media, email, SMS and Whatsapp.


With our lowest fees more money goes to cover your medical needs! Free to create a money pot and make a donation, there's only 1.9%-4% fee on bank transfers (depending on the amount raised).

We have a dedicated customer service team to help you with all your needs. Please reach out to us on:

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