Leetchi.com is an ideal platform for raising money easily and securely online. Creating a money pot can help you solve your project funding issues.


Create a money pot and raise money for your project


Add your own images and message to explain your project


Ask people to get involved and make contributions


Set your project in motion! Ready, steady…go!

Leetchi user experience

I’ve always supported Children in Need and last year I decided that I wanted to get involved, yet I wasn’t sure how to raise money online. Using Leetchi.com website, it was easy to collect contributions and donate the money we raised with our sponsored walk.


Manage and monitor your money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

How to raise money online?

If you have a project to fund or a charity you’d like to support, Leetchi.com is an ideal place to raise money. Simply create a money pot, ask people to chip in and decide how to use the money raised.

Why choose Leetchi.com for raising money online?


Keep things simple by storing all contributions in one place.


Create and share the money collection pot is just a few clicks.


Spread the word by exporting your Gmail contacts, using Facebook or adding a widget on your site or blog.


Add a personal touch to your money pot with images and messages...Help people understand your project.


Leetchi.com’s secure payment system makes it easy and safe to raise money online.


No surprises! It’s free to spend it on our partner sites and there's a 2.9%-4% fee on bank transfers.

We’re here to help - simply email us at help@leetchi.com or give us a bell at +44 (0) 20 8068 2189.

Need help fundraising for your favourite charity? Inspiration for a perfect group present? Leetchi.com is the perfect place to collect money online for all your gifts and projects