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Create and personalize a money pot for the party


Ask the guests to contribute to the money pot online


Spend it on a partner site or ask for a bank transfer

Party time!

Have a great time and enjoy the party!

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Last year, we decided to throw a massive New Year’s Eve party. All my friends were keen on getting involved and we used to manage and centralise all the contributions. We had an amazing evening without having to worry about the money side of things.


Manage and monitor your party money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why choose for planning a party?


Your money pot is ready to share in just a couple of clicks, so you can concentrate on the serious business of party organising!


The money pot is easy to monitor and manage. All contributions are in one place- no more hassling people to chip in or paying on their behalf. Planning a party made convenient!


Spread the word by exporting your Gmail contacts, using Facebook invites or adding a widget on your site or blog. You can share your money pot link on any social media!


Rest assured that all contributions are protected by’s secure payment system. We hold an E-Money issuer license.


Clear pricing from the outset – create a money pot (free), spend it on a partner site (free) or get a bank transfer (2.9% or 4% fee, depending on the amount collected).


Your money pot is ready to share in just a couple of clicks. You'll have plenty of time left for a cup of tea, even two!

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