Not sure how to organise your party? is a perfect place to collect online contributions


Create and personalise a money pot for the party


Ask the guests to chip and contribute online


Spend the money collected on a partner site or ask for a bank transfer

Party time!

Have a great time and enjoy the party!

Manage and monitor your party money pot

Party Organisation Money Pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

What is a “party organiser money pot”?

Not sure how to organise a successful party? It all seems rather stressful and time consuming? Never fear, is an efficient party organiser - online money pots are an easy way to collect contributions online. Once the money is in, it’s party time! Simply create, ask and spend.

Why choose as your party organiser?


Your money pot is ready to share in just a couple of clicks, so you can concentrate on the serious business of party organising!


The money pot is easy to manage as all contributions are collected in one place - no more hassling people to pay up or paying on other people's behalf.


Spread the word by exporting your Gmail contacts, using Facebook or adding a widget on your site or blog.


Rest assured that all contributions are protected by’s secure payment system.


Clear pricing from the outset – create a money pot (free), spend money on a partner site (free) or get a bank transfer (maximum 4% fee).


Your money pot is ready to share in just a couple of clicks.

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