Wondering how to organise a party? Get all your guests to chip in and throw a party to remember!

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Leetchi.com makes organising a party easy as 1 2 3. Create a money pot, collect online contributions and put together an amazing event!

What is a 'party planning' money pot?

Not sure how to plan a successful party? Worrying about all the expenses associated with food, drinks, DJ and venue rental? With Leetchi.com you won't have to foot all the costs yourself. Leetchi.com is an efficient party organising service. Simply make a party checklist, collect contributions online and buy all that's necessary. After that you know it’s party time!

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Create a money pot

Customer testimonial

Last year, we decided to throw a massive New Year’s Eve party. All my friends were keen on getting involved and we used Leetchi.com to manage and centralise all the contributions. We had an amazing evening without having to worry about the money side of things. Sarah

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