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What's a cookie?

While you are browsing website, we collect some data, including your web browser preferences and settings, device you are using (computer, tablet, or mobile phone) and information about your previous interactions with content.

This browsing information is collected via so called "cookies" or "pixel tags.

A cookie is usually a small pice of code that's saved on your computer, in your web browser history, when you visit a site. It has a limited lifespan. Cookies can only retain text, which is always confidential and in most cases encrypted. Cookies remember your actions and preferences over time so that you can easily resume where you left off. They remember your registered login details and preferences with the purpose of delivering a personalised user experience.

By using service, you agree to our use of cookies, detailed in the "Cookie Policy". You can reject or opt out of receiving cookies, simply by changing your browser settings as described in "How to disable your cookies" section.

What are the different types of cookies and what are they used for?

Here are the different types of cookies that and its partners are currently using:

  • "functional" cookies - they are aimed at improving your browsing experience by remembering your page settings (eg. your currency and language choices as well as your account log in details)
  • "analytical" cookies- they collect user's information, such as content and pages visited, in order to understand their interests and improve the quality of service
  • "retargeting" cookies - they help create targeted off-site ads and customise the content that is displayed to the user
  • "social sharing" cookies - collect information when user shares/engages with the content on social media

All the above mentioned cookies are either directly implemented by or offered through 3rd parties ( providers of audience measurement solutions, advertisers and social media networks).

Which cookies can be deposited by partners?

Our partners are able to directly deposit their own cookies. has no control over the issuance and/or use of the third-party cookies; however ensures that the partners respect the legal and regulatory provisions.

For your information, the issuance of these cookies and the collection of data does not allow our partners to identify you personally.

Information about third-party cookies used on

1) Analytical cookies

Third-party Cookie's purpose Maximum lifespan
Google Analytics Audience analysis and marketing performance indicators 1-2 years
Hotjar Behavioral analysis of the audience 1 year
LeadsMonitor Audience analysis during the broadcast of TV spots 1 year

2) Social sharing cookies

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • AddThis

third-party cookies are used in order to allow users to share content on social media platforms has no control over the information collection process used by the social network platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.). We encourage you to review their privacy policies.

3) Technical cookies

In order to provide you with certain services, uses third-party tools that deposit cookies. For example: SnapEngage provides our users with a customer service chat; Optimizely helps carry out marketing and product tests to determine the website version with the best user experience; Trustpilot allows users to post reviews on the quality of service.

Third-party Cookie's purpose Maximum lifespan
Optimizely Service allows to perform A / B or multivariate tests 1 year
SnapEngage customer service live chat tool 1 year
TrustPilot Service that collects and displays service reviews 1 year

4) Marketing and retargeting cookies

Third-party Cookie's purpose Maximum lifespan
Criteo Adapt product recommendations and advertisements based on user's interests and browsing history 13 months
Notify Retargeting and acquisition 1 year
AdRoll Retargeting and acquisition 180 days
Bing Retargeting and acquisition 1 year
SumoMe Retargeting and acquisition 1 year

How to modify or block cookies?

1) Through your web browser settings

You can refuse to have your cookies collected and saved by configuring your Internet browser settings

In your browser settings you can choose which cookies should be saved or rejected on your device. You can choose to reject them systematically or from certain senders. You can also choose to be informed when a cookie is likely to be registered on your device, so you can manually accept or reject it.

If you've accepted the use of cookies on your device, and its partners will be able to process your browsing information, as described above.

If you reject all cookies, you may not be able to use the services that require for you to be connected or logged in. You might also not have the possibility of personalising the service delivered to you by

2) Through the third-party cookie management platform

Through Your Online Choices site offered by European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), an organism formed by digital advertising professionals. This trusted European platform provides you with the opportunity to accept or reject cookies used by mentioned companies.

Please note that this procedure will not prevent the ads to be displayed on the websites you visit. It will only block the technologies used to tailor advertisements to your interests.

Here is the link to the website:

3) Through the links provided by our partners

By clicking on the names of our partners (provided in the info charts) you will be able to reject the use of cookies.